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A morning meeting. Boston narrow radio John's APPA Chetty Hillary Shipu are joining me as well. We've been talking about a few things we were speaking to turn General Maher healing about this lawsuit class class action lawsuits. Civil suit. That's been signed onto by several attorneys general more than forty going after big generic pharmaceutical companies for price fixing in collusion. And if you read it in today's herald the or yesterday's herald, there's some today's aditorial some details of the situation, it is indeed disturbing just the the communications between the principles in the in the drug companies in to to say, hey, let's not compete with each other. Let's work together to this price. This way this price that way. Attorney right. Exactly the opposite of what the free market is four. And it's something that just degrades. People's trust in in pharmaceutical companies. It's price-gouging exactly what it is. I mean, if we. If the three of us own the restaurants in each on, the only three restaurants in the city, and we got together and said, we live in this kind of deserted place, where we're the only three places people can go for miles and all of a sudden snowstorm and everybody wants to. Eat soup, and we just get together and say, you know, what we're going to start charging twenty bucks for every bowl of soup and people want they have no choice, but to come to one of our three restaurants price-gouging. Sometimes I look at the prices if NY park and think it's price-gouging, right? When you paying five twenty five from bottle of Poland springs water is somewhat price gouging. But and you can't really bring anything from the outside into the park. But that is kind of crazy, isn't it? Times where I'm trying to figure out like, okay? What is the the invisible hand here in what's price-gouging? What is sort of just letting capitalism tickets? To course, listen things are only worth what somebody is willing for them. If people really like that soup then by God. Why wouldn't you increase the amount or the cost drop said soup? But yeah, I suppose it's a different thing. If if you are in agreement with other businesses, you're selling the same right at high soup is an essential. These medicines are. To take them. But yeah, exactly I mean going to a movie theater, you go into a movie theater and you get a soda popcorn. And it's seen bucks, and you go to break a window. And that is definitely kind of highway robbery. But but definitely was necessary. Commodities like gasoline. Right. And you're right. Like, you know in medication. Exactly, right. Then that's definitely the malicious the malicious side of this. I mean mentioned poor old people or anyone that's living on a fixed income and they have to make a decision whether to get medicine or whether they eat, right. Not really a good way to live. And I think we're a bit more advanced than that in this country that that shouldn't be the case, especially when you're talking about even like say young children, and sometimes young kids are on medication. That's wildly expensive. But it's essential for them. And now the parents have that burden to go along with everything else that takes to raise a child. It's it's just crazy. And hopefully, attorney general Maura Healey will do what she normally does which is. A really good job of going after this, right? Every pens are few hundred bucks. Right. And was the thing that allows your kid breathing him. If they're having a reaction. I mean, what started all this or no? I mean, certainly, I know that it was. Absolutely something that outraged. A lot of politicians kicked off a lot of sort of frustration with with that sort of thing that was a huge high profile thing. And I think was at the one that Martin's Garelli Shelly was part of that guy. Right. The punk, dude. Because that company has it's not the drug. It's the applicator that that's copy written. So that company owns the copyright for that application thing that you smack into your leg. In the same way. You know, they're they're company that owns the not camping, but knocking folks have at least been. Have been working with municipalities? I mean, they know what's what's the I guess I was reading a story last week to just in terms of what people which is they have to make a story about this. You know, this mom who was laid off from her job. And her husband was providing the insurance for the family, but it didn't have full coverage and their child was ill and make a decision whether to bring the child to the emergency room because they'd gone to the emergency room before. And they had an outstanding Bill. They literally took the child to the hospital waited in the parking lot until she got better. And then decided to go back home. It just like choices like that. How do you make that choice walk into the hospital, and they're not gonna service you because you have an outstanding Bill. I mean, I think that people that work at hospitals, the hospitals there to save lives. That's the most important thing. It's like even the crazy stories you hear that, you know, some small towns municipal pal. Luckily, not Massachusetts. You know, if you if you're overdoing your taxes, you real estate taxes, they won't put a fire out because you all the money. I mean, come on. Stories like that. So those are all the choices. But then again, you know, doctors maybe are a little bit too free with the pen when the giving out prescriptions now people get used to those prescriptions. Need them to live, and then the prices continue to skyrocket. It's it's it's just really really cynical. Totally totally. Yeah. And it is one of those situations where people look and say, you know, we're better country to be doing this families already getting go broke, you know, somebody's have cancer which already is torture enough to send out destroys human and create stress between siblings and universe of f-. If if I would suggest to stay away from cancer experiences, if you can yes general if you have an ability to avoid I can't see yourself for anybody nearest to you. You I would have condition. It's a lot easier to deal with much more sudden if it does catch a heart attack on the fifth hole, and that's the way everyone wants to go, right? That wake up the next morning. I guess it's less on the family and less on their pocketbook. Although that, you know, losing someone suddenly can't be easy to deal with either losing for life is have you noticed that? Yes. She's it's tough. Of course. We just spent the first hour talking about how the first half life is an aide whole as well. Yes. We're all kind of in the middle. Hopefully, so certainly I found that twenties and thirties were blast. There was certain certain glimpses of lifetime lines. That were a hoot. I found your mid twenties have to be the best time. I mean. Yeah, you're working to Lenny have as many responsibilities. You know, you kind of get your act together. Yeah. A little bit. Then you know, after you get married this, obviously, more responsibilities. I wouldn't know. I'm not married. I'm still living in my mid twenties. I don't have any response because you know, what regardless even if you don't have kids or whatever or even mortgage, or whatever you still are not excited about doing the things you're excited after right, right? And there's just different way you approach things. Yeah. And as you get older too because I just turned fifty six last month. And you know, you just don't have the energy that you had when you're like half the age. Yeah. Twenty eight it was like, yeah. Let's do this. Let's do this. Let's do that. Now, it's more like you've got a plan that a little bit because you don't really feel up to it and turned into that you turn into your dad at some point or you turn into imam at some point. And after we make fun of them all those years, you just like them. But yet it's mid twenties. I would say probably the best time that you have because. Just so good. Yeah. Rosie says f wa by law, regardless if payment can be made a hospital has to see a patient if the situation this was in now, this was in Texas. So I don't know if the law. Is also in Texas the same as it is here. That the store I was reading about people that were in Texas, and she her daughter had some sort of seizure, and they applied what they needed to apply at home, which could be risky. It makes more sense to go to the emergency room to apply whatever the medicine is. And so, you know, d really want people at home administering things that you're supposed to administer in an emergency room. Like, you know, I mean, it's one thing if you wanna cut your own hair, you can kind of fix that later on. But the really need someone doing something that doctors, and nurses or nurse practitioners a supposed to do. But this was in Texas. I don't know what the law is there. All right. Well, a few different things. First of all, we are getting closer and closer. We're already sort of there. But it's getting better better with with every sort of new development. But this is. Political high season for people like Tom Shaddock? Because of course, he gets to just sit and watch sit back and watch as Democratic's Democrats, go after each other. And I don't know if you have Christian the AFC cut, but AFC's decided the Biden today is a big stupid jerk head because of his climate change stance. And this is a sort of thing that makes Republicans especially those who don't want to pay money to build a new stool school because they're just going to teach climate change make some very happy because there's infighting amongst the Democrats. Let's listen to a OC and Biden whole thing so often, you know, when folks particularly conservatives on both sides of the aisle..

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