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On coma News radio, police and protestors clashed again. I'm court when hate Seattle's fiery response to the Briana Taylor decision. BC NEWS Michelle FRANZEN authorities say to Louisville police officers are expected to recover from non life threatening injuries after being shot last night that violence breaking out following demonstrations over the grand jury indictment in the Briana Taylor case and demonstrations. A suspect now in custody. Maybe sees Jim Ryan is their witnesses say it was Lorenzo Johnson, who approached a line of officers trying to control the crowd of protesters and then Opened fire. The 26 year old was arrested A short time later, he's charged with two counts of first degree assault, one for each wounded officer had 14 counts of wanton endangerment of other police officers on the scene. Jim Ryan. ABC NEWS Louisville, The grand jury indicted a police officer for wanton endangerment for firing into neighboring apartments back in March, as he and two other officers executed a warrant at Taylor's apartment. No one was charged in Taylor's death. Taylor family lawyer Benjamin Crump says the family's still wants justice for Briana, but also called for calm, even though it's righteous anger and Briana Taylor Family is outraged. Her mother continues to encourage peaceful protest. A nighttime curfew remains in effect for Louisville Corona virus cases on the rise now and nearly two dozen states. One airline getting created to help travellers avoid a mandatory two week quarantine in Hawaii. United will be the first airline offer Cove. It 19 tests before boarding a flight. They'll be rapid tests with results back in 15 minutes to know that everybody who takes Juan ease negative right now only on flights from San Francisco to Hawaii. That will allow passengers to avoid 14 day quarantines when they arrive on the islands. Hawaii has been hit especially hard during the pandemic because most travelers have not wanted to quarantine in their hotel rooms for 14 days before venturing out and the state has been enforcing the rules. Alex Stone, ABC Nair's You're Listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay.

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