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John. My zoom call for answers to age old questions would be John Gangland. The possible Alcatraz escapee Lee Harvey Oswald, D B. Cooper and Jack the Ripper. Anna. See Zoom call John. My zoom call is Amy Winehouse, Patsy Cline. Janis Joplin. Billie Holiday. That's a nice mix, huh? 630 says Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, My mom and Stephen Hawking's 847 Mike Ditka. Ozzy Gin Coach Que Leo du Rocher? Okay, read whatever it is just handed me his fantasy. It's coach Q A Z G and Leo Derosa my Oh, my God. Who's Who sent that in some random person. Are you kidding me? And Leo Derosa is the real wild card. Yeah, we both come up with that. Vicky. Did you come up with one? I did. All right. Let's hear yours and I don't know if you guys are going to be interested in mine will make fun of it. Go ahead. Don't worry, I would. I'm so fascinated by like Jeff Bezos and by Zuckerberg is does not need an explanation. Let's hear it. No, I I'm really fascinated by how they came up with their concepts and how it's changed the world so much. And just watching them on zoom, communicate. Elon musk like those guys, I would love to just see communicate with each other. Cleland must. Jeff Bezos. Yeah. Zuckerberg? Yeah. And Harry Carey and Britney Spears. I was going to say that to you. Yeah, you were. And Britt. Britney Spears would just make it all better. I was like Steve jobs or something really gaga with Britney there, you can always turn to her and just talk. I mean, at least because those guys would be all over my head. But at least Britney and I could probably talk about something. I would just be a fascinating call. Just like Listen to the zoom conference. Whatever you wanna call it Sure, for sure. I can't. I've got to tell you Go. Mine are Lady Gaga Britney Spears, Freddie Mercury and Robin Williams. Robin Williams would be a nice addition. Freddie Mercury. I know you've been along fan Lady Gaga and Britney, huh? Well, I don't know if you'd say much Vicky, which she? No. I mean, she would definitely be doing a dance for us for okay. I think I could work. The visual could work. She and I think that the men would appreciate it. 630 texted in my fantasy Zoom is Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt to 19 says, My fantasy zoom is me God and Trump. Now that would be very interesting. John my fantasy Zoom call us, Kathy and Judy and two colors at random. Kathy and Judy, the longtime WG and radio team and this one, says Rick Kogan, or as I like to say, Rick Kogan. Milt Rosenberg, Bill Curtis in John Calloway, not a bad conversational mix there. It could all interview each other. And say things like Have you ever wondered why the theater scene is evolved? Ah, let's see here, John. How dare you make fun of Dottie? Don't dismiss her question is being too complicated. Shame on you. Daddy s what a walk off home run you does. I didn't mean to do that at all. In fact, the more we talked about it, the more we realized I don't know what one is. Okay. It's time for speed jokes in 321 hit it. Speed.

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