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Schools compton current lee bans all cannabis related businesses and if both measures fail that ban will remain in place a powerful seven point nine earthquake hit the gulf of alaska just past midnight about 75 ma hundred seventy five miles southeast of kodiak but no damage or injuries are reported caltex seismologist tom heaton in pasadena explains why the quake didn't cause any damage your greg was under the oceans so mainly just fish no possibly some freighters if they were in the area of might have actually detected the uh sound waves says it came up the temblor triggered a so nami warning for the entire west coast including southern california but that warning was cancelled a little after four am senate minority leader chuck schumer is rescinded his offer to support billions of dollars for president trump's border wall with mexico in the next government funding bill in exchange for legal protections for the socalled dreamers young immigrants brought to the us illegally as children schumer blames a president for the government shutdown which ended today president trump's inability to negotiate with congress is what caused the three day government shutdown from which we've just emerged it's causing the fact that we're not making more progress schumer reportedly called the white house yesterday and said the proposal which he put on the table during a friday meeting with president trump was being withdrawn this check in the news is sponsored by mike diamond.

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