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Some terrible gaps nama buzz it's knowledge lifer like echo wait for the twofold i think this saints in which he is an ep was one of the things east german border wall to suit who might that leaping to west german but there's a famous quite where he coud release jovan oscestyle souls and an and he was again know to free proudly paul's of this west western german tradition and i think again that if it he's an office you not associated with subtleties and and i think even when you think about he's entry into what what's which was bad wings i think he and his galleries were arrested for for a painting of a master fighting figuring nineteen in the early ninety six these you you get a sense from from bosnia's that story is that we dealing with quite a lot of headlines and not much not not many shades of grey around the headlines though again as he sites like a is a chance to discover this much ruler at territory which it explode but boy can he handled paint no unease at grint great painter must of atheist awful stories about behavior or not the standing he is a really beautiful painter and action sculptures as well yes they pull apps of human quality but sentence a sense of view then that very considered in all the trixie knowing way but there is a sense of you know he's a formally materially really q taught is under the missing a lot more that had fruitful grounded now i thought we didn't by talking about an artist to watch in 2018 i'm gonna talk about libya iraq mom who is showing a jusin how gallery at next week from next week and also she's in the new museum try annual in new york and she is an algerian british artist she spends her time between london and iran wrong in algeria and what i like about lydia is she's got an incredibly poetic way of exploring the personal in a pilot school the same time to her work is dominated by things of migration so let's take for example one of the works images in house showed she accord ago chiang from a market which was notorious she told me four.

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