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This is the yellowhammer news radio network i'm jay holland steward spencer of third nineteen and joshua spencer twelve both of baton rouge louisiana and brothers drown in the serve behind the pretty low beach resort in orange beach alabama friday police say the bodies of the young men were recovered saturday after a the two went under friday night and police say the older boy tried to save the younger one in the riptide but both were swept out to sea a family member says the family went to the beach on a vacation on thursday and was supposed to return home sunday and alabama national guard unit is being deployed overseas the dourthe in beijing one hundred eighty six engineer company is being called you activeduty the roughly one hundred sixty members had a deployment ceremony endorphin sunday afternoon officials have not said exactly where the unit will be stationed but it will be working under the us central command which was organized to oversee antiterrorism operations after the terror jacks of september eleven two thousand one the one hundred eighty six specializes in constructing airfields berms building foundations in roads the unit will be trained for the mission in the united states before deploying overseas attorney general jeff sessions is defending president trump who has faced a backlash for not denouncing the white nationalist groups allegedly responsible for the violent rallies in charlottesville virginia at a news conference ag sessions says the doj is investigating twenty year old james fields deadly car attack on a group of counterprotesters that left one woman dead and nineteen injured as an act of domestic terrorism and head the president's backing we're going to meet with him today because he asked to see us fbi director chris rhianna and now we're gonna talk about what more we can do brought to you by attorney alexander shinora a man for the people this is the yellowhammer news radio network i'm jay hamann brian of you bear in pretty good read the you amazing since i started work at wintry oh yeah oh yeah great coworkers happy customers awesome what do you do i made his though delle but this three properties in alabama with tons of openings that administration dining security.

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