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Society means more stop support we have a support crew that does all sorts of different kinds of stuff but like we have a male volunteer he's been working with us for years he sits at the front desk we there's a lot of helping with load in and load out we move tonnes of equipment all over the city all summer long not have your own place now we have an office but we move into green lake elementary and then we move into the vera project for ladies rottkamp i mean we we move into each each space which is why we need so many volunteers his may be stepping somewhere i shouldn't is that a goal maybe ten years maybe your own personal permanent it is it's something we've been talking a lot about we're talking about a number of different options but potentially sort of working on also working with other girl centered organizations to maybe come up with some sort of like cohort of programs that are sort of offered in the same place big serving center so that's something we're actually currently going on right now but actually sounds doable way that that can be done there are a lot of organizations in the city that can share space with the changing real estate five seattle it's the idea of sharing a space sounds really attractive more doable but you are a nonprofit i it's a sliding scale point is to make it accessible money is never an issue whether you can come to camper not so we definitely wouldn't be raising money for a building through that through two issues and so it would be a capital campaign for sure and we're we're in talks with other organizations to about how to approach but yes it's the dream it's organized you have a like a board of directors at sits around and votes and says yes this is what we should do this year next year whatever so we have.

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