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You lift uh very fair wound up book going to the new yorker were you made changes seen uh many people objected to at the time and in retrospect they all seek made real sense and every one of those changes the chilean affect what you think there was so much initial resistance what do you think you know i was in his the change aging writes that when i took over any oca they'd never even had a photograph in that that never i mean they they didn't even have any any an index conveying hazel by law and of you buy lifezette of a contents page it was all about opaque a as it would church and so my i knew these things have to be done but of course people feared the i would suddenly put a naked pregnant demi moore on the cover which was the last thing from my mind because actually i started my life has become a literary illiterate jealous so you know i did a lot of changes i brought richard avedon to be the only photographer in the pages because i thought okay we're gonna open the windows we're going to put pictures and but very sparingly and let's have a photographer avagian mazzone one i could think of who had the incredible black and white purity that would go so beautifully with those uh the new yorker typeface and have a wonderful artists like ought spiegelman ed surround made the covers far more vital and got away from what i called the palk bench covered in autumn leaves of course i had david remnant can jeffrey toobin mock i'm glad well jane mayer wrote in some of these wonderful writers who at the time it was like who is she bringing in who are all these people they will turn out to be extremely good but after the new yorker you started a magazine called talk in 1998 with harvey weinstein lattes are you realize if that israeli hurry moved out as an uh it seems like.

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