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Me is now officially announced on drug suspension. W we spend it on dry for thirty days effective immediately for a purse violation of the company's talent wellness policy harassing. She wrote that sources told them. Andreotti was informed of these suspension on it Monday morning. On raw there was an injury. Angle Andreotti was written out to cover his suspension. So here's the story. Andrade got suspended bended. He's out thirty days. A decision had to be made. Do we take this built off of them that we not take this belt off of him. All human is very high on Giradi Roddy and so the decision was made not taken the belt off this guy and so I'm virtual Correo and having a title match with him. which by the way was a little bit strange because they did a match on the pre show on drum beat him clean in the middle? And somehow this led to Umberto getting a rematch. But he did so they do the rematch on raw in Celinas just runs in for the D. Q.. Very lame finish so of course. Berkeley was furious and so he goes after andrade he throws him outside he pulls the manse away he gives us dude the hammerlock. DT On the cement that is the end of Andrade for thirty days. One of the stories of raw last night was was a bunch of fortuitous. Things happening now. It's not for Samoa Joe. Later in his head and may have a concussion. That sucks. I don't WanNa see anyone get hurt. But as as a result of that he got taken out of the match in mid match. Kevin Owens is partner ended up going one onto against Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins at the end of the day. Everything worked out better as a result of Joe not being in the match and being injured which was real and in this situation here.

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