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Milwaukee Police Department, Madison, United States discussed on The Mark Belling Show


There's been very little commentary on that and very little. Understanding I think president. Trump understands that he's bed. Very very quick to label. The people that he believes responsible for some of the violence and a disconnect the outrage over the killing with some of the rioting and violence and looting. That's been going on in the United States. Even if you go back to the very beginning of all of this in Minneapolis. And what happened on Thursday night? Everybody's been showing the video of the autozone. Where this thing all started. The evidence to me seems overwhelming, and that's still not proof, but evidence seems to be overwhelming. But there are people who moved into mass demonstration scenes and decided. To create insurrection. AD In many cases, the mayors of these liberal communities, the ones who are in charge of the police departments had supposedly everybody hates. They Could not connect. That the rioters were not necessarily the protesters. So, they told everybody not to do anything to the rioters. The looters somehow believing that that would somehow inflame the protesters again a total misread of the situation which is what's happened by the way every single time we've ever had this in America. Whatever peaceful protests degenerates into violent riots. The support for the protest falls apart and the general, and the overwhelming position to the public goes toward cracking down, and putting it into it, because the vast majority of Americans, certainly everybody almost everybody on the right at even a significant number of people on the left do not WanNa have total civil disorder. I've made the point about Madison and admitted it almost every day. People Madison don't know how to stop this stuff because they're a bunch of pacifists and their bunch of liberals. Got Anti police protests. Go got it Madison where they've been running the police department of the liberal fashion for forty years. They don't know what it is that supposed to say about it. But when I do know this most people madison don't want Madison crashed. Yet Madison is being trashed. And the leadership of Madison seems to be doing nothing to stop the trashing of Madison apparently because they misread the situation that they think the majority of the members of their community support the people that are crashing the city they don't. If, you can only get these people that are doing some of the violence and mayhem arrested log enough to track and see who they are. You might see their identities. You might be able to dig into their backgrounds and see whether or not they have links to some of these subversive organizations for the fire left, or maybe even the fire right? So. I said I want to tie together makes a points with regard to this and we'll do that in a mob. At three forty seven newstalk eleven thirty W, I it's time for rapid traffic protest. March continues North out of Bayview now working their way up long water street, and then anticipated to head West at some point over towards again. I'm the Milwaukee Police Department headquarters building. There at James Level and state street, so expect closures all along. They're coming off a first street, an underwater and then all along water. Go down. There s these protesters what they want. The Milwaukee Police Department to do. I think. I just ask him I th. That's that I don't want to give all the points that I was GonNa make, but what are the things that has been very unusual about these protests, almost every protests that has ever occurred there has been a specific demand passed the civil rights, act, and the war. You stop global warming. There has been a specific we want you to do. This here we're going to keep demonstrating at the Milwaukee Police Department, but to do. You Y-. If if we're going to do something that will make you happy, that will support whatever it is that you're in favor of it. What is that? They know they have no specific call and the the reason they don't is. If they had it, they would have already done. Because Madison's been run by liberals forever. If there was a specific way to change the police department or do something within the police department, they would do it so as they run up and down the streets and say that they hate the police after police another go to the police department and ask this try to come up with something in which you tell us what it is. Is You want us to do. What is it that you want done? You read the signs at it's I can't braid after police and saw what the specific 'cause. It doesn't exist because they would realize that if they've got to hang up with the way, the police department is run. It's their own fault because they're the ones that are in charge of running the city, a walkie hard to blame. US conservatives, threatening that has has to do with how Milwaukee is being covered. It's run by liberals and has been forever and the police chiefs have been hired by liberal mayors. This has been the case for as I said decades in.

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