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Rachel, Jennifer, Laura, Carrie, Olivia, loreen and Erin, all did. So thank you guys very much for providing these weird news. Like I said, we're going to start out with a camel, and we're going to end with a camel. So let's head to Kansas because why wouldn't there be camels in Kansas? There was a, I think it was one of those nativity scenes. And one of the camels escaped. From the nativity scene, this is in bonner, springs, Kansas. And it's basically they had to it took a whole, I think, 24 hours to actually catch it. They ended up having to rope it. And catch him and they caught him on a freeway. So he, but he made his way onto the freeway. I mean, yeah, he was, he was for a while. But I love when police departments tweet things. So here's the bonner springs police department tweet. Or Facebook, but I don't know, whatever. Both of those things. If you've heard the unbelievable tales, let us tell you that they are true. Officers and animal control spent the entire day chasing down a loose camel. This morning officers took to the golf courses in pursuit of the camel on golf carts no less. Convention chasing him down with golf carts with the last song. Later, it took a leisurely jaw down case Evan highway and into some of the neighborhoods officers and animal controller finally able to catch up to the Kimmel and the 600 block of Nelson avenue, where it was safely, quote, taken into custody. By lasso, the camel was reignited with its owners and will go back to doing camel things. Like terrorizing golfers. Yes. And you know, I mentioned golf course. We're going to go to a golf course in the next one. Oops. Good job. We've been down here is very quiet, by the way. All right, so we're going to go to the golf course and we're going to head to west Yorkshire, golf club in calderdale. I'm assuming this is in England, but I know it's in the UK. So these guys are out golfing. And not one, but two. Giant hogs come on to the golf course. Hogs. And I've seen pictures now. These things are freaking huge. Like, I don't know how they can walk at this point, because they're so big. There are two black hogs pigs. Are these domesticated or wild? Well, I must be domesticated for that fat. That's super nice, okay. So called David mckidd 40 said the two black pigs were first spotted on the course on Sunday..

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