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Lot of pitches and striking out a lot. That's not Scott angry, just need to trust himself realised that On the second baseman the Phillies. I'm gonna be in there every day. I'm not going to press the panic button. I'm split the king come to me because I think he has gifted. I think he can get it back. But you need to start trust himself a little bit more things. Last one for me. Your guy grew up locally. Chester County Kid didn't get to play here played Seattle San Diego, you know, distant, distant places. What does it mean for a guy like Phil Gosselin at age 31 Kind of, you know career for a player. Ah, thought maybe his career was over, makes the team and boy through this early start of the season. He's just been terrific. Yeah, you know, he only spent about two months in the big leagues last year with the Phillies still lead a team of French. It's you know, I thought he should have been up there. You know pretty much the entire year last year because he gives you such a good at that. On. We've seen that going early on this season. He earned a spot on this ballclub. What a thrill for him growing up here in Chester getting to play for the team. I listen. I love coming back and playing a vet. You know, because that's where I went. That was my That was my usual. It wasn't the prettiest place around, but it was. It was my church, you know, and getting back to playing. There's a visiting on the business team just gave me chill bumps every time I took the field. And for Phil, the throne that Billy Billy pinstripes and a CBP. It's such a thrill, and I'm so happy for him Personally, I know it's a team game from him personally, all the adversity. He's battling his career and then stick with it the way he has his work ethic and I love seeing great things happen to great people, and nobody is better than Phil Dawson, just a classy individual. And it's what a thrill for him not only to be on the team, but to contribute the way he is. I mean, he had the other night and had a big two run double with two outs really was the game winner. Against the Yankees. I mean, it's really a dream come true for him. Just very, very happy for you Don't pinch him and wake him up and that I'm just another guy doing good. You know what I mean? Glad and and that's the most important thing. Alright. How's your supply of Irish whiskey hold out during the pandemic. It's okay. It's okay. You know, you're still a lot going on. So it's not just not not get into it all that often. But you know, there's still have an ample supply. And then in my last half bottle of Middleton, I'm gonna have to. Ah. I don't know, either either Stop drinking or go out to the store, which I don't want to do. But you know, it's that's the best stuff on our so you make it make it trip out to the grocery store. You know what? Maybe tonight you do in the game tonight. I am not know. Early on. I met Glenn Medals right now locked in my son's game. Sweet. Yeah. So where do we have one game here? And then we have two more in Douglasville, which is out near ready later on this afternoon, So they were making the rounds for you. Good for you. You've got a lovely family. Ray. Ben sent me a picture of his of his. He and his wife and all their kids. And I remarked at him that it looks like the picture you get when you buy the picture frame of like that Happy, good looking family. I'm sure it is. That's what that's what I thought you just like, went to the store snapped up in like, Oh, there's a good looking family in a frame snapped in senator there, and then I saw you so I might need to get her eyes checked. I think I think the kids if they've survived all this, and that, in the four of them at home since mid March has not been easy, but You know, giant food stores were happy that their home because they're making an extra couple bucks off, that's for sure. No, I'm sure and Davis always a pleasure. Love watching you broadcasting the game's always nice to check in. Please stop disturbing the other team's managers. I will do my best. Ray. Yes, Aaron Boone, and I've always respected Aaron Boone. He's great baseball man. Third generation guy, right Grandfather, Father, brother, The whole thing would have baseball family. Really whiny. Yeah. Yeah, I think that I think the boons were the first for the 1st 3 generation baseball family because Bob's father was a big leaguer to Ray Boone and and Bob and then the two boys. It's so funny because I've goons in the Bells. Yeah. Ah, It's so funny because I remember covering the Phillies of the late seventies early eighties when Bret Boone and Aaron Boone were little little little guys in their little mini Philly uniforms running around the clubhouse with Pete Rose Jr and Ryan Luzinski and Ah, Mike Schmitz, Little boy, Jonathan. I mean, they're all had the little fillies uniforms on in. They're all underfoot in the club house. It was I saw these kids grow up, you know, and you wind up with Bret Boone and Aaron Boone not only make it to the big leagues but become really good players. It was he crying back then. No, no, But the funny thing was that that Bret was so far ahead of the other kids as a ballplayer. You know what Ben said about you, Khun. See, guys, they're just talented from an early age. They just they're different than everybody else. And that was the way it was when all those kids were out on the field shag and before games, and they're all out shag and during batting practice, Bret Boone, who was little for his age. Ah, I mean, he just had just such amazing coordination and ability with the glove that I mean, everybody, including P Rose, who desperately wanted his son, Pete Junior to be a big leaguer. You know, Pete would just look at Brett and say there's if one of these kids is going to make it to the big leagues. It's going to be him and boy. He was right. Not only make it he was an all star. Deputy never did get. I think he never got over, like 5 10 but but he did make it to the major leagues. And and he did pretty well, anyway. Appreciate Ben Davis to 1559 to 94. 94. You want to check in coming up it noon. Tell us your story with Vince Pop Alley. I've had a relationship with the people of Meridian Bank for years, and recently I had another chance to learn just how great they are. Like many, my small business was hurt by the pandemic,.

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