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Stretch it's incredible those two teams suffered what i believe are there or their worst and you can hear my ten month old feels the same way about this but i do right now those are the two worst respective losses in university of cincinnati and xavier university basketball history and obviously suffered in drastically drastically different fashion the bearcats leading by twenty two points and and the musketeers just never really looking like they were totally coalescing on the court i allowed myself to think often this week about cincinnati and xavier a potentially playing each other in the final four and if you just kinda looked at how things were working out with the way the bracket was shaping up with who else had lost with you know what they did in the first round you know if if you root for both programs and i know many people do not many people root for one or the other you couldn't help it allow your mind to wander towards you know could these two teams meet in san antonio mean with eleven minutes to go in the game last night i made the trip to nashville i'm thinking to myself this is gonna be kind of the culmination and validation of of of years of building towards this for macron and his basketball program and i'm thinking about you know then maybe playing kentucky the elite eight and how special that would be and i'm i'm thinking to myself you know for all the garbage that that make you had to put up with his i use seasons for as much as was so many uc fans still dwell on the quote unquote glory years these are the good times these are the glory years and across a about a twenty minute stretch of lille time it just totally melted down no you think of all the ucla basketball has had a number of just you know debilitating heartbreaking things happen to it in the ncaa tournament but typically it's been you know maybe a fluke play at the end or a bad call or a tipped ball this was a systematic meltdown of epic proportions we've never had a second half comeback like that in the history of the.

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