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Close to a mile on the way to route one twenty eight in canton, David straw, Felino. WBZ's traffic on the threes. Now look at the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Weekend is here. And so is meteorologist dean devore's? Good morning. Good morning, Jeff. And so is a bit of a warm up. And then we've been waiting for that. Now again, I wanna temper folks expectations because it is going to chill off again as we start the first part of next week. And we'll also keep an eye on the possibility of a coastal storm again strengthening and coming up the coast mid week next week. So all of that bad news behind us. Let's go with the positive which is it's going to be milder today, there will be a shower or two. So I would probably grab the umbrella. Just keep it handy. Temperatures in the low to mid fifties. Mile down the forties should be dry tonight. Tomorrow's warmer with partly sunny skies. I get us up to sixty five of the city, upper sixties, some of the inland suburbs. Of course, the Cape ING surrounded by water. You're going to stay in the fifties. Because the water is still cold a mile start sunny up to near sixty through lunchtime. And then showers falling back through the fifty s in the afternoon. And then those chilly couple of days Monday and Tuesday, highs in the upper forty s and we'll keep an eye on that mid week storm possibility for next week. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Nothing. But clouds at sunrise here in Boston. It's forty five. It's time to replace your old windows. Call eight hundred sixty four nine thirty six hundred or schedule an appointment online, right window dot com. A better window installed for the right price, right window. Good morning at six twenty five at Boston's NewsRadio. We look at New England business this morning. This is long been suspected and even widely assumed now some numbers to back up a stubborn gender wage gap in America, Online recruitment firm hired says, the wage gap is narrowing nationwide. But not right here was the worst of the five cities. We looked at in the US hired CEO Mehul Patel. The good news is that Boston is filled with women and high tech jobs. More bad news, though, is that women are not saying show me the money. It's something known as the expectation gap. Though, Boston has the situation where women are asking for nine percent less and getting nine percent of the smallest wage gap. Founded the United States in San Francisco already firmly in the. Driver's seat when it comes to treating the deadly Duchenne muscular dystrophy therapeutic says, it's about ready to launch another Duchenne drug in the United States. The rare disease has just one target young boys and until Sarah came along with fifty one. There was nothing on the market to help them. The new drug builds on its three hundred million dollar success. And we'll be up for review at the FDA says and hopes later on this year stock futures are headed in the right direction on Wall Street this morning and coming up this morning on WBZ lawyers for Robert Kraft get the ball and the offense takes the field in a Florida courtroom. I'll tell you what's up with Tina Chow on the way next. It's six twenty seven guardians of the grass run with us on a John Deere x three hundred select series lawn. Tractor built for versatility. Because when you take pride in your lawn. You do it all you mulched bag of grow MO and a whole lot more. And that's why the x three hundred series takes care of everything with attachments for all your spring and summer project. That's because you're not just doing yard work. You're creating common ground for the whole neighborhood to enjoy nothing runs like a deer run with us. Search John Deere x three hundred for more. Uber has been doing a ton of great things this last year and Uber rewards is going to make you love Uber. Even more with Uber awards. You'll get rewarded for things you're already doing every eligible dollar you spend on rides and do breeds earns you points that unlock amazing benefits. Like Uber cash complimentary surprise upgrades, flexible cancellations, and so much more your life is about to get more rewarding. Thanks to Uber. Get all the info. In terms at Uber dot com slash rewards. That's Uber dot com slash rewards in London. Ten pm Wednesday in Singapore. It's five AM Thursday in San Francisco. It's two pm Wednesday..

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