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Cool venus venus does everybody venus is so hot how hot is it it's so hot that lead would melt and this is where when i was in school an engineering school back in the day this is where climate change is really discovered was exploring venus james hansen jim hansen was looking venus so the case studying being this that's a different jim has okay i'm sorry this is lousy with them kate can you talk about the role of volcanoes writ large vision or terrestrial yeah can i can i go back to earth because i feel like it's not what with terrestrial yeah okay great so volcanoes the volcano is that we've experienced kind of over human history mostly have a cooling effect on climate so in nineteen ninetyone mount pinatubo in the philippines exploded and just put so much gas and dust and dirt base into the stratosphere that that blocked the sun and that made the planet a lot cooler you say what some fraction of a degree celsius yeah yeah but noticeably cooling a huge otis planet that's it it it's a big deal so over kind of recent history if you take humans out of the equation volcanoes have been few i wouldn't mind taking my right those people on the subway by so if you if you know humans then volcanoes are generally the biggest external contributor to climate change but we can't ignore humans right about why was he minder standing if you're a volcano and you want to affect the climate you have to be in the tropics.

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