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The high of 78 right now, 65 Good morning. I'm Joan Jones and I'm Bruce Allen with the top local stories we're following for you This hour, An 11 year old says he was able to flee an attacker who yanked her out of her bedroom window and Woodbridge last Thursday night. And now police in Prince William County are investigating another attempted abduction involving an 11 year old girl. Three days later, the 11 year old and last Sunday night's incident tells police a stranger approached her as she was taking out the trash around 9 45. The man only describes about five ft. 10 inches, grabbed the girl and told her not to move before she was able to break free and returned to her dump freeze home. The suspect in Thursday's incident only 10.5 miles away, is described as a man 5.5 ft with a medium build. A police spokesperson tells w. T O p. They're working to validate the sequence of events in both cases, which don't appear to be connected. Matt Small w T O P News Ocean City police out enforcing a boardwalk Vaping Ban arrested fourteen's over the weekend and now video of the arrest and the tense confrontation has gone viral. One of the teens is telling his side of the story. 19 year old Brian Anderson traveled from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to Ocean City for a senior trip. He said he was stopped by police for Shaping on the boardwalk, which is prohibited. Anderson told W. B A. L that he tried to walk away but was followed by police. I'm like I'm walking away could at this point they just surrounding next year. I know I'm just on the ground getting meeting Kate Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said in a statement that the arrest was not for Vaping. But for Anderson's refusal to provide ID to the officers. I gotta look, they're fully cooperating with them, and I still could have ended up on that ground. Give me the town is now investigating the episode. Luke Luke er w t o P NEWS The D. C council has voted in support of an amendment aimed at making it harder for kids to access flavored tobacco products. The bill means e cigarette flavors, flavored cigars and mental cigarettes would be prohibited. It also bends the sale of flavored tobacco products within a quarter mile of a middle or high school. It makes the sale of these products to anyone under 16 illegal. Council member Mary Chase spoke during last night's council meeting. We're banning the use of flavors like gummy bear and cotton candy. Why do you think they had flavors like that? Because they want to hook the Kids Council chairman Phil Mendelson disagreed with the amendment, where there are prohibitions. There often are problems that come with licensed businesses that provide on site smoking, like hookah bars would be exempt. The council is expected to take a final vote. June 29th Melissa Howell wt European use Amazon plans to invest some big Bucks to build more affordable housing in the region, the online retail giant along with Metro.

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