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Matthew Broderick, Victor, Kim Kardashian discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen


Let's go to Jacqui doc from Idaho. Jackie what's your question. Hey so I was curious. What was the most awkward part of having record all of the noises for your sex Steve With Brad Pitt? You spent I read you. You spent days having to record all the Orgasm House. Yeah yes string. It wasn't difficult at all. No that's when you can get it on I tunes. Yeah you know I Victor and are both great buddies with Matthew Broderick. We were with him last night. And I read in the research about you Helena that you went with Matthew to the Oscars one on year late eighties thing presented and you went together as dates. Were you to know an item. No no we just met backstage. I remember member wearing the dress code. Oh you're kidding yeah fact I think the flies were not. I nearly went with because the dress code court and everything we were so young and green green. We don't really really. We were very very innocent on ice. Then sweet and last call that I carry from Texas say Kerry. What question? Hi everybody. Hi My twin sister and I love you Andy Thank you. I love a twin. My question is for Victor. It's two part question. Oh Yeah what do you think of Kim Kardashian's legally blonde costume. He hasn't seen it. I love it. I haven't seen it. I'm sorry but you think. What did you think of the news that will be getting a legally blonde three recently said that I know and someone asked me if I was in it and I said not yet right Listen why not say. It was a very very successful movie. I the one I was in. I didn't see too but I'm sure it was just one. Never see the musical. No no I love that you know. I didn't write Jesse the titanic musical. I love which was great. It was great. Yes it was Maury Justin score really and I think Michael Service was the first. He played my role from yes. He was spectacular. I that was. What's the titanic musical pre movie or you know it wasn't it was round the time but I don't think so I wanNA thank? They Gallon And Vicar Goodnight. Everybody thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four. PM The m eastern time. Make sure your subscribe to have a great rest of your night..

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