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Us his pretending that there aren't other head traumas i had a than drive over my head bill when i was eight hiding under a pile of leaves um i don't think i have cte but i do know that the likelihood of me having cte would be related to if i'd played another position where in practice over and over again when i was young especially but even in my adult years i was taking those those small car crashes into my head his question i think the question of a lot of people who are sceptical about c is and has other you're the right person to answer this they will ask how do you know that what were seen set was caused by football and not caused by something else well and that's why the lawsuit was resolve the way it was the the concussion lawsuit was results other players didn't have to prove that because you can't there's no way you can fact you could argue that when you were baby and you could not even speak you tripped you hit your head against the wall you didn't have the ability to tell your mother father that you'd hit your head you didn't even know even as we know some people that have those traumas don't even know when they are conscious that it's happened because it damages the variability of the brain to be aware of itself so i just want to steer this tour let's just keep studying it and now that we have biomarkers that may make a difference now that we have a we can life sciences the only license from the national institute of health for the patent developed by a nobel prize winner that says cds and actually low thc cds have the signifty can evidence of reducing the impact in the trauma from trauma cell from head trauma in and damage those are things that give us an opportunity to do something about this problem if you wanna ask former nfl kicker and cheese hall of famer nick lowery a question eight five five two one two four cbs will go out to anchorage jack appreciate your hanging out your with nick lowery and me bill rider right here on cbs sports radio yeah i had a question you know um what about the other car another contract fort like like the nhl or hockey.

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