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Close today Twenty-three years the president for thirteen years we've never seen anything of this Magnitude. Zoo president Bob. Chastain says there are still more than two hundred cars with smashed windows stuck in the zoos parking lot and broken skylights and windows across that facility he. Says eleven people, were, hurt when serious storms rolled through on Monday dropping softball, sized hail imagine that somebody is throwing a baseball at you as hard as they, can although that baseball would be jagged like a piece of ice and so. We have some pretty significant lacerations on people's heads the El palmar foundation has donated one hundred grand, to help pay for the. Zoos recovery actress ruby rose being cast as the. First openly gay superhero. To headline a TV series she's going to appear in bad woman which is in development for the two thousand nineteen twenty twenty season ROY says on Instagram. That she's, thrilled and honored. To take the role she also adds that as a young, gay person she never felt like TV represented her well that woman is set. To be introduced in a, crossover with other DC comic book characters. On the, CW network later this year. And finally country superstar Carrie Underwood Hitting Denver next year and. Wow is she busy she could be bringing a special guest whether she announced on Instagram this morning that she and her hubby Mike Fisher are expecting their. Second child, also announced her new cry pretty album which is due out later this year it. Hits stores September fourteenth her tour tour rolls into Pepsi center nearly a year, later and wow she is busy lady she's got the new. Theme song for Sunday night football being very busy and then. Adding a mom on top of it that's gonna make you even more busy I don't have, to tow working moms second time mom harder to is. Than one yeah Catholic luckily. Don't husband's professional hockey players you know probably getting in the middle breaking up scrums steel dealers dot com. Providing a list of your news it's Colorado's morning news here on KOA. News Radio.

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