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To flourish during the interstate thirty five project I go, I'll say this. Everyone, awake. Oh, seems like they have a heart of gold. Like every time I watched the show every. You know, like I read, I was reading about this. You had quotes from like the mayor. You had quotes from city council. You had, you know, chip and Joanna pass, and everyone in Waco seems like the best people ever and not only that you can find the best house or the worst house in the best neighborhood for really cheap. Eighty dollars for house. Like basically it's basically a big Mayberry is the impression I get Waco giant. I don't even know that it's a big Mayberry. I think it's just a Mayberry. It has like Baylor there. So I mean, you know, as a major university Marion Barry, not have a college? No. Mayberry was off the main road. They made. Disa- building and that hell the jail, Sal. It was one this little building that was a police station and a tiny jail cell peop- for people who had been. Let me try to say this delicately they're writing session had run. They really played up the humor of alcoholism jail cell. All the good qualities of the show. They did play a crippling. Alcoholism. Good joke. Like what in jail cell and let's make fun of him while he says absurd, I'm gonna hear this parish. The good people of Mayberry. You get the impression that maybe higher education wasn't a huge priority and that said. Outside of Andy, I feel like the after him the intellect general intellectual Maluku really takes nosedive. That's true. Andy kind of holds together and then, yeah, if you were to move him from the equation, like I feel like I feel like that that may berry was one sheriff, you know, not being around to devolve into Lord of the flies where everyone sustain themselves on, you know, knife-fights and Kane fishing like that was the only way they could survive and whistling contests, which. We weren't allowed to watch TV in my house growing up. You'll know this that we didn't want Thursday. Yeah, there was no TV, except when dad got home from work. He wanted to watch the Andy Griffith show. So I have seen every episode because it was the only TV show. I was allowed to watch Monday through Thursday and my house all grown up. We got to watch one episode afterward, but before dinner, it's very wholesome show. I learned a lot about sufficient other than the crippling alcoholism thing is still holds as rippling out. There's the, I watch it still. I mean, throw it on my life. I'm written a lot of books about it around him. Thanks to it. Alcohol is little still still get a kit, like never whenever I stop stop and think about that being little Ron Howard, my mind is just exploded right? What a wonderful universe, like just an incredible life that we always more surprised about the happy days. Ron Howard, then I am the Andy Griffith wrong Harley. Your mind? I mean, think about think about that. I mean, honestly, what other person has been involved in as much influential. Television series right and movies. And I mean, run her nerve to the Star Wars movie like he's been everywhere is not is stumped all over the entirety of American pop culture. I think about like Steve curve sometimes caring about how he was like on the best bull steam the best, the best bursting. And now. On the coaches, the best wizar- same and like wizards warriors seems and it's like, who else could have this like this career that spans all these different teams and all these roles feel like Ron Howard occupies that for TV and movies like he's literally since he was..

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