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Sixteenth nineteen seventy eight there were no hit by bob fourche and they were no hit april sixteenth nineteen seventytwo by burt hooton the reds of off to a terrible start this year but on monday had a good day against the brewers with help from billy hamilton and it's li into right at ball's gonna be a hit and two runs we'll score billy delivers the opposite field single and the reds taken a three nothing lead here in the second inning and the reds are gonna win the game ten to four that call from our old pal marty brennaman and seven hundred w l w the day began with terrible news for the tampa bay rays kevin cure meyer with a thumb injury he's going to be out months after having surgery as they started the game last night against texas joy weld gun going swing bouncing ball beck according to run home but it's gonna be maybe to us notes the only one scores now feels going to try commits the ball gets away from gallo and he scores and the raise take a three nothing lead turn out to be fielder's choice dave will six twenty w a e janu robertson chipped in the run right back in his drive into the opposite field by robertson watching the era back to the wall and that's what has gone homerun just over the yellow line straightaway right annual robertson with his first of the year it is eight to one ray the raisin win a game eight to four nother strong adding from blake's nail the other day i was talking with general manager of another team and he said man that guy has nasty stuff his last two stars twelve and a third innings torn runs and nineteen strikeouts the rockies and the pirates in chris i natta got the rockies going bitch.

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