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Eventually a little year drought divorced morning walk through the time we are thing play now i lived drive right now referring to eyes of winning there if you are not doing today very versatile second of line drive david around the morning five thirteen in new mexico a police officer from the largest american indian reservation is dead after he was shot bomb responding to a domestic violence calm because shooting happened early sunday morning nfc i spokesperson for the officer it was twenty seven year old not home nation officers chains alarm down authorities say if i didn't cassady but no other details of the nl east survived ouster for five years with this department the governor of pennsylvania is ordering all flags in the state to be floated half staff starting today in honor of a fire lieutenant who died in a crash while responding to a deadly fire official say lieutenant dennis devote was on his way to the station to pick up is near when his car was head as for the fire that he was responding to a younger a was killed in for others were her two of them critically investigators said that fire were sparked by hover board the girls grandfather says his family is trying to stay strong has been care february game you back to make sure it was right because of the don't were bright truth it's going to happen police said the driver who didn't killed the fire lieutenant was under the influence it was driving the car recently reported stolen to fuck half and sarah today anything with our military veterans what kind of and all on all one part of his we're talking about national nine veterans day the day marks the birthday us army to pay ninth for found in back in nineteen forty two they're duties in training have changed over the years we learned from former can nine handlers and i'll be amounts i left behind in consider surplus of quickness thankfully wasn't changed and today we train things.

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