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I'm not fully myself. We're all getting led. Down a fucking rabbit hole by an algorithm that predicts what we would like and they're right there there right and then they take you somewhere and they're smarter than you like the way they were talking about how? The way the algorithm is making connections a human brain can't do. It's like actually smarter than a human brain. So there are things happening that you can't even figure out why you'd want to see that. But you do they said, they built this neural network basically, it's mostly about youtube or at least what I've heard so far I don't watch it. Don't it you do but I'm not stupid enough to think. It's only happening on Youtube. It's it's happening on everything about I look at. Yeah. It's much smarter than you can predict what you're going to find interest in and then based on. If you enjoyed that they're going to predict and then they're just gonNa lead you somewhere and by the way, I think most people think about this is something that only happens on the right and has on the left to Oh yeah. It's all happening to everybody. Yes. Well, that is a big part of the the first few episodes I. Guess I don't WanNa give it away but it's definitely happening on both sides in it's the exact same thing. Minimally, we can say that it the the first few episodes revolve around this guy who was kind enough to let them access five years of his youtube watching history, and they can just chart day by day how he got radicalized in. This was a smart guy who was gonna Major in environmental, science and. was. Into punk rock and this and that, and then he ends up a place he could never imagine he would ended up and then by some luck broke out of it and started realizing what had happened to him and going on different channels. But now he's just down different channels and he admits he's down different channels and it's all Kuka Sam. Thank. Yeah. But it is also funny because it all boils down to this need for community all of the whole thing and I hate to say it goes back to Joan Harari it's like you know he identifies a lack of community is being underpinning of addiction join on and on and you know it's kind of underpinning this thing. And Yeah we need to be in a group and we'll be in generally what group invites us and accepts us or that we see ourselves in. Yeah. Yeah it's scary. Repeat his name it's Johann. Hari. Johann. Hari sorry. Johan what did I say Johann? Johann Harari I think oh Jesus. Here on Y'all salads we're trying to eat healthy and we're getting a lot of Greek salads and I want them to add what I've been calling guiral meet. And gyro Meat I've been saying it's in its euro at one maybe maybe zero it is. But Aaron and I were talking about they don't even blink when you say whatever you WANNA call it. They're so used to hearing people mangle that word of course. Yeah. Okay, you said you learn in psychology that people with schizophrenia have a particular genetic marker and that a stressful event during a period from around age seven thirty could trigger the schizophrenia he rejected that and I know I learned that. He said he wasn't sure if that was true scientists have not.

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