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Our security correspondent is frank gardner the verdict due to be handed down this morning by the high court will be hugely significant britain nestle billions of pounds worth of military equipment to saudi arabia providing jobs for thousands of workers but that equipment includes typhoon and tornado jets as well as precision guided bombs these have been used by the role saudi falls in neighboring yemen with devastating effect for more than two years law the side is be conducting airstrikes there again i hutu rebels but the un blames these attacks for the majority of civilian deaths a fresh round of ussponsored peace talks on syria's you to begin in geneva late today the talks commodore after a partial ceasefire came into effect in southwest in syria which appears to be holding baffoni bell reports expectations for mejid breakthrough it is round of talks not high that the un deputy special envoy for syria ramsey iggy hansie said the partial ceasefire was a positive development which could help support the political process aimed at ending serious sixyear war indirect talks the sixth round negotiations media aided by the un special envoy steffan de mistura since early last year he's having to focus on governance security and constitutional a she's world news from the bbc the wife of one of venezuela's main opposition leaders leopoldo lopez has denied that she struck a deal with the government to grant her husband's release after three years in a military prison lillyanne territory said mr lopez have been moved to house arrest on saturday thanks to a unilateral decision by nicklaus medeiros government the nato secretarygeneral jens stoltenberg is in ukraine where his due to meet president petropars schenker today expected to discuss the pulse possibility of ukraine joining the alliance in the future the us secretary of state rex tillerson is also just visited the country as our correspondent joan official reports from kiev on sunday rex tillerson became the first member of the trump administration to visit kiev as his boss tweeted about working more closely with moscow the us secretary of state told ukraine that russia needed to make the.

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