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That's definitely what we're pushing for us. We working for Deion. In day out. Way, honestly, go hold each other accountable, especially when being as a rookie just kind of taking in everything all the knowledge and everything that they know from experience. I'm just putting into my game and then When will you be all right? That CD lamb. We talked about this the other day. I don't think the Calvin's gonna have 3 1000 yard wide receivers. The last group to do so is the Arizona Cardinals with Larry Fitzgerald Steve Breast in and also Anquan Boldin. It's tough to expect when you have such a great running back with what the Cowboys do. Havin in Ezekiel Elliott, then expect that three wide receivers are going to go for 1000 yards. Now they're all capable of it. Michael Gallop is an underrated wide receiver Amari Cooper is that in between of good and great like you put him in the very good category and CD lamb. I thought it was an absolute joke that he fell to 17. To the Dallas Cowboys. Personally, He was my favorite wide receiver in this draft, so you could probably have too wide receivers Go for 1000 and a third wide receiver. I don't know be 7 58 100 yards, so it's not a crazy thought. But this Cowboys offense this year. I think they're going to be really good. I think they're going to be damn good. I know they've had some offensive line injuries to start off campus lost Travis Fredericks and as he retired to sew the offensive line, which is usually a solid You could be. It could be an early concern for them. But still it is a talented offensive line and last year like Look at Dallas with now having better weapons, they were 123456. Offense in football when you go by most points The top 10 last year in terms of points, Baltimore one San Francisco to the Saints three tent before You had the chief's five Cowboys six, Pat seven, Vikings eight, Seattle nine and then the Tennessee Titans 10. Dallas too. May I'm liking this team this year. I don't love them. I don't think they are a Super Bowl team. I do think though they are the best team in the NFC East, and there's no excuses. There's no excuses whatsoever. And when you look at Dallas with all the names that we give you on offense, and I know that People then say, Well, the defense is not that good. The defense is not that bad as people think. I think this defense you don't need to be good. You don't need to be great. You just got to be average and you see some of the names on this defense. Whether it's a jail in Smith. They're late in Van Gereshk. And I'll be curious to see what Trayvon digs does in his rookie season. I know they lost. Byron Jones is now with the Dolphins. And you look at the defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawrence. Yes. Theyjust had Joe McCoy go down. They bring in ever seen Griffin. You have don Terry Poe. There's been good earlier of reviews and Aldon Smith. You know, Randy Gregory is a good player. Now they got both keep their life on track, and that's always a concern. So you can't really expect much out of them. I know Jerry Jones was talking about Tyrone Crawford today. So this is a defense. Hey, at the secondary is not fantastic. There are concerns in the secondary, but you should have enough with this run seven to at least be an average unit at least be an average unit. This Dallas team to May. They're going to win the NFC East this year. I really do believe that and I know if you're an Eagles fan But this is what you'll tell me. And usually I more pro eagles than I am pro Cowboys. You're an Eagles fan. The way that you talk yourself into one in that division, which I'm not saying it's impossible for you to win the division. They're going to be. The Eagles of the Cowboys is because you think you have a better coach in a better quarterback. And that's the way that you think you're gonna win the division could you have to be a better team to win the division? In terms of on paper, Like last year, we go into week 16. The Eagles were decimated with injuries. Absolutely decimated with injuries. And the and the Philadelphia Eagles played the Cowboys and that Prescott did nothing in the game, and Omar Cooper did nothing in the game. So this unit for Dallas this year? They gotta back it up. I am buying into them to win this division No on paper, and you go around other offenses in the league. You know, the chief is going to be great. You know, Seattle is gonna be good. You know, the 49 is going to be good. You know, the Ravens are going to be good. Saints are always going to be good with your breeze and Michael Thomas. And now the camera. You had also Emmanuel Sanders as well. You got cooked the tight end, too. You look at some other offenses. Buck's gonna be much better with Brady. I think the tomb or compelling offenses in the league this year with some intrigue is Arizona. And also Denver and for Arizona. They got weapons. Larry Fitzgerald, you Christian Kirk? Yeah. DeAndre Hopkins. You have Kenyon Drake now for a full season calamari, and you're number two and for Denver. They have so many options in Denver. They have. Ah, lot of good options in Denver. We're drafting Jerry Judy, You already have Courtland. Sudden. There, you drafted the kid handler out of Penn State. You have the big tight ends and Noah fan you, Adan! Melvin Gordon. You have Philip Lindsay. The multi million dollar question is, though. What will the quarterback Andrew Lock B? And two other offenses that are going to be good. Going to be Green Bay. I expect him to run the ball. Even Maur this year when you bring in a J. Dylan still got Jamal Williams had a man that tied the league in rushing last year rushing touchdowns, and Aaron Jones and Minnesota's defense often something to be good, too. Dalvin Cook and Kirk Cousins. Yes, you lose the fun days, bringing Jefferson the receiver out of Ellis you and yet I'm feelin too good tight ends there. And Kyle Rudolph in Herb Smith Jr. So offensively..

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