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Hear stories about how they fell in love from both of their perspect-. Gives who would you give story worth two for twenty dollars off? Visit story worth dot com slash criminals. When you subscribe, that's story worth dot com slash criminals for twenty dollars off when you subscribe. Of the United States has been the victim over Nassir nation. The assassination of president John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald changed the course of history, but would things have turned out differently. If Oswald wasn't successful in killing the president park casts. New show assassinations takes a deep dive into the life of some of the world's most infamous assassins to discover what motivated them to take such drastic measures are friends Bill and Kate examine these assassinations through the lens of both the target and the assassin asking did the assassin ultimately achieve has underlying objective. And if so how did it change the world? I'm really curious about all's walled. What did he hope to gain by killing the president? That's a good question. But I'm more interested in the lasting ramifications of Kennedy's death. New episodes come out every Monday, search and subscribed to assassinations wherever you listen to podcasts. Again, that's a s s. A S S. I N A T. I oh NS or visit park cast dot com slash assassinations to start listening. Now, that's par. Cast P A R C A S T dot com slash assassinations to listen now. Now back to the story on October, seventh nineteen sixty five to detectives and the police superintendent knocked on Myra Hindley's front door. If David Smith was telling the truth, a teenage boys axe murdered body was lying somewhere inside that house. But nobody answered the police superintendent returned to their car and put on a delivery man's outfit. Then he went around to the back of the house and knocked on the door there. This time Myra answered the back door her expression was easy and welcoming but grew colder as the superintendent asked to speak to her husband. She said she didn't have one on the officer then moved past her into the house. He walked through the hallway to the front door where the two detectives were waiting the superintendent opened the door for the detectives, they asked Myra again, if there was anyone else home, and she showed them into the living room where Ian was nursing his sprained ankle, she told them her grandmother was upstairs, but that she was a heavy sleeper. The detectives and police superintendent asked for permission to search the house, but their intent was clear if my refused they would simply sit in the living room and wait for someone to return with a warrant. So Myra obliged giving them a tour of the second floor in the first room, they found Myers grandmother. The second was Myra Indians bedroom and the third room was locked Myra told the police she kept her guns. Locked in there for safekeeping when they pressed her for the key. She told them she would have to go to work to fetch it. But the police superintendent called her bluff and offered to personally drive her there my race soured as she begrudgingly produced the key and handed it over. As the door. Swung open. They found the wrapped body of Edward Evans lying on the floor. His blood had coup regulated purple across the sheet. Curiously the officers I impulse was not to ask Myra about her involvement in Edward's death. But instead to move past her to question, Ian down in the living room. David had told police that Ian had killed Edward that much is true. But he also told them of Myers complicity in the crime that she had been just as excited and is eager to involve David as Ian had been double standards have existed about violence in women's since the beginning of time culturally. We see women as gentler nurturing less prone to violence and more likely to peacefully resolve most conflicts, however, studies by the National Institute of mental health and journal of personality and social psychology have shown that these double. So. Standards are nothing more than our own biases coloring our view of the world. In fact, they found that women are equally as likely to strike their partners or initiate violence in the home. Although men are more likely to inflict serious injury. Myra Hindley is a unique case, of course, her crimes against neighborhood children are unusual for anyone. But particularly for a woman as most women if they hurt children hurt their own children or those of people they know. Well, my Rickett nap children. She didn't even know after the police found Edwards body in the upstairs bedroom, Ian told them he'd lost control in a fight with Edward the night before he was taken into custody. The police were set to leave Myra behind at the house when she gathered her dog puppet into her arms and asked to come with them to the police station at the station. Police took Ian statement his official account of what had happened to Edward Evans echoed the account. David had given to police say for a few key details, Ian told police on the record that he and Edward had gotten into a fight. While David was in the kitchen when the fight turned vicious, David rushed into the fray and picked up a stick to try and beat Edward away from Ian when that didn't work. It was David who picked up the axe and struck Edward down for good. Then he and said they both helped clean up the body with the intention of burying it the next day when the police question Myra, she seemed completely unsure about the whole event to police. She came across as clueless woman trying to protect her boyfriend. They never suspected exactly how involved she had been in the crime. They just couldn't see in her what David had seen on the night of Edward's murder. Ian was charged with the murder of Edward Evans while myrow was released freely back into the world. She went to stay at her mother's while police combed the active crime scene at her grandmother's house for clues. It didn't take much searching before police realized they let a monster. Go free on Tober eleventh nineteen sixty five bags of Edwards affects were found. In Meyers house her fingerprints and drops of Edwards. Blood were also found on cleaning bottles in the kitchen at the very least the police accepted. She. She had helped, Ian and David cover up. The crime Myra was finally arrested as an accessory to murder. The detectives who had interviewed David however were mostly concerned with his claim that Ian and Myra had killed before. Ian, hadn't actually named any of his other victims and without any actual proof tying them to a specific murder. There was very little chance that forensic scientists could charge Myra and Ian with anything else that was at least until the forensic team found some of Ian and Mirus trophies in an exercise book, they discovered the scribbled name John Kilbride Indians handwriting along with a series of landscape pictures of Saddleworth Moore's at the very least police now had a name and place the same place. David Smith had told them about an his initial crime report, they brought David infra second interview, David told the police about their Bank robbery plans, and that Myra and Ian had sealed all the notes. And plans for it in a suitcase, but investigators couldn't find a suitcase in the house. It had to have been left somewhere else grasping at straws. David told police that everyone who knew Ian knew that he loved railway stations. Off that tiny lead alone. Manchester police set out to scour luggage, depots and lockers in every railway station and Manchester for the next four days. They searched dozens of stations and eventually they found what they're looking for two suitcases checked at Manchester's central station had Myra and Ian names on the tags. The suitcases matched a luggage ticket. They later found

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