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Welcome back paul finebaum show matt jones filling in along with drew franklin eight five five two four to seven to eight five at matt jones radio at finebaum the text machine by the way eight five nine three hundred thirty to sixty four if you'd like to send if you'd like to send the text and it's great getting everybody's feedback a lot of you are saying nice things about us and we appreciate it and now join us on the phone from right down the street where we are the uk football coach mark stoops coach how are you i'm doing good matt how you doing doing good we're talking to this sec audience a little different than our our normal audience and we were talking a little bit about uk football and i said earlier i think across the board kentucky we'll have more athletes this year like big time level athletes than they've had since probably at least two thousand seven as the coach do you agree with that well definitely met since i've been here you know you know the history going back before i got there much better than i do as far as what the roster's looked like but but certainly i i feel very good about our team in feel like we got a solid group of guys across the board definitely have some nfl prospects which is is nice 'cause we hadn't had many the past couple of years so definitely a strong roster and really excited about the upcoming year you have i made the comment a couple of times that i think kentucky has a chance to be better at every position on the field than last year except their two main sort of issues quarterback and kicker do you agree with that assessment and then how do you make sure that those positions the drop isn't too big yeah the you're exactly right and those are two big positions everybody knows that but but i feel very good about you know the the options especially a quarterback i feel like you know a really feel good.

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