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The hard-fought went over the Houston Rockets improving their record to seven and four before embarking on a three game road trip which starts Monday at Sacramento, and we're very pleased be joined by sister coach will hearty from outside the Spurs locked room. Well, congratulations on the victory. Just your overall thoughts on the team's performance tonight. I thought we did a great job defensively, you know, the rockets play play a style that can catch you off guard a high octane offense and for us to hold him. Under ninety was a great great effort by our guys you want to challenge those three point shooters, but you don't wanna foul them. So there's kind of a fine line there. Right. Right. They they put you in some tough spots. James harden? Chris Paul or are two of the best one on one players. We have in the league these days, and they make it hard on you to keep them in front without fouling. And they're also, you know, both such great three point shooters. So I think our guys did a great job one on one defense to areas where I thought you showed up in the second half was not as much not putting them at the line is much and then also taking care of the ball. And that kind of went hand in hand. Right. The the first quarter the fouls got away from us. They got in the bonus early. We're able to get a bunch of free throws in the first quarter. And you hit it on the head with the turnovers if we can just get a shot up on every possession. I like our chances. Derek Whyte second game back. We just. Visited with him. Obviously he had to knock off a lot of roscoe's. He hadn't played since October tenth against the land in a preseason game. How do you feel like he's coming along? Now in the second game back after the first the rust off the first night Derek had a had a great bounceback performance. His first game was rough to not play for six weeks and player first game in Miami. On the road is a tall order. So it was great for him to get back out there. And he he really bounce back tonight. And was a stabling stabilizing force for us. He can really impact the game without scoring two which I think is great Quincy pond. Dexter interesting guy. Obviously a veteran player knows how to play he gave you fifteen and a half pretty good medicine night. Didn't they Quincy's tough? He he's a a scrapper on defense. He's physical. He's smart. He gave us a lift off the bench tonight that we desperately need it. Again. You know, Houston is a hard team to guard and a lot of it comes down to one on one defense. So Quincy was great tonight is a good to have some balance. Obviously we're relying so much on demar are early in the season. But now some other guys are stepping up obviously, get a little bit healthier with Derek obviously are still without a lot of your fun court guys. But having a guy like lamarcus high he had a bounceback night. But some other guys are sharing the load offensively with Tamar. That's Spurs basketball. I it's a team. It's going to be a group effort. We rely heavily on Dhamar and lamarcus not just a score. But to create offense for our team. But we need the other guys to step up. You know, knock down open shots and make plays off closeouts. And I thought that those guys did a great job. We'll thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it. We'll see you on the plane tomorrow. Thanks bill. Okay. Thank you that as we'll hardy assistant coach for the Spurs commenting on the ninety six eighty nine victory for the Spurs the Spurs, by the way, had their best defensive effort in a number of areas. It was lowest field goal percentage for an opponent all season long. Thirty three percent. Also, the lowest points for a game only eighty nine points scored by the rockets and also tied for low points in the fourth quarter by an opponent only eighteen points in the fourth quarter for the rockets as the Spurs went on a. Tend to run late in the game. Clint cappella did get an uncontested shot late in the game at mop up time. But really that tend to run a gave the Spurs the cushion they needed for a ninety six eighty.

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