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Endless Matteo. President Trump makes it official Congratulations in nominating federal appeals Court Judge Amy Cockney Barrett about an hour ago to the Supreme Court. Speaking during the ceremony in the White House, Rose Garden Judge Barrett outlined her approach to the position. A judge must apply the law as written. Judges are not policy makers, and they must be resolute and setting aside any policy views they might hold. Loyola Law University professor Laurie Levinson. On the influence. Judge Barrett could have on the nation's highest Corti impact of putting Judge Barrett on the bench will be that Roe v. Wade very well be overturned or extremely curtailed. Second, I think that will be less of a wall between church and state. Third. There's likely to be great deference by this justice to the decision to the administration, particularly in the area of immigration. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden discussing the need for justice. In the case of Briana Taylor, he tails MSNBC. Those who engage in violence must be held accountable for shooting a police officer tonight. Louisville. Our prayers were with that family. We can express grief and pain and anger, disappointment the way things are but remained focused on building Trust in communities way have to continue to speak her name. Police shooting took place during protests after criminal charges were not filed against the officers involved in the death of Briana Taylor, the US ambassador to the United Nations. Speaking out about tensions in the Security Council, Kelly Crafty, U. S ambassador to the United Nations, spoke with CBS News in an exclusive interview after a contentious week at the U. N General Assembly, which is virtual this year. I am. I'm ashamed to even have to tell you about the council today because this is supposed to be the Security Council, a group of 15 of us that tries to work together for them for the good of the world. And if there was any topic today that you would have thought that they would take this mantra, toe work for the betterment of the world, it would have been on Covic, Pamela Falk, CBS News British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is pledging more than $433 million to the well World Health Organization unless we get our act together and this will unite and turn off fire against our common foe. We know that everyone will lose. Residents in some communities near Houston are being asked to stop using tap water because it may be tainted with the deadly brain eating microbe. This will affect about 120,000 people and thousands in a chemical plant in Freeport and Clemens and in Wayne State prisons. This is CBS News. Del Technologies Advisors are focused on you ready to offer tailored solutions powered by Intel. The pro platform to keep your small business ready. Call 877 Estelle. 63 on this Saturday, September 26 2020 68 degrees going down to the low sixties tonight. Good evening. I'm Sarah Jacobs. And here are the top stories we're following this hour. President.

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