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He's going to be a nose tackle. He has to be a nose tackle. He might be able to play like a over guard or shade it over the guard, but he's going to be a nose tackle. He's going to be in the middle of the line. You're probably going to take him off the field on third down. He's been well fork, right? That's the type of place. I still think you're underselling him his pass rusher, but okay. Maybe I am. I think that there was a lack of exposure in that sense that Georgia, right? Because they brought on their Devante Wyatt's and their Trayvon walkers and they brought on the next wave of their pass rush talent, right? They basically had lime changes when they felt like they got into passing situations. So maybe on a team that wants to stick with the same core group and is it rotating guys as much out? Like Georgia did, there's a difference here. It's the same thing I should mention. The same thing happened to Christian barmore at Alabama, right? Alabama went ten deep on the defensive line. So he didn't always play, right? It wasn't because he wasn't awesome. He just didn't always play. So maybe Jordan Davis has some untapped potential there as a password. I will say, if you're going to single block Jordan Davis in the past rush, good luck anchoring against his bull rush, right? Is that a guy like Jordan Davis might not give you the on ball production of a Christian bar more, for example, in terms of pressures and sacks and things like that. But he's going to occupy guys and give single blocks to everybody else. So if they try to single them with the center or with the guard over the nose, that guard is going to get walked back into the quarterback by Jordan Davis. So you have to have that as a category in his pass rush ability. This is bull rush his ability to dent or collapse the pocket. But again, let's get back to the question. I so lean towards Davis. I like the idea if they bring JC Jackson back. I actually like the idea of drafting booth even more because I think pairing JC Jackson with Andrew booth is the Patriots, no fly zone in 2022, right? Like I think that has real potential, maybe not 2022, but if you're signing JC to a four year contract and you're drafting boot now in 2023, 2024, 2025, you're going to have a really dominant secondary, right? Yeah. But at the same time, I love a lot of it. So this is a really tough one. I don't know where I go with it..

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