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The stuff that as one scientists told me is carcinogenic but if you can keep it contained it's great stuff it can does all of your radio after fuel make the reaction more efficient use more of it up than a solid fuel reactor so kirk is really passionate about the promise with us technology this is how i feel about it to my run my lawn mower i think lower probably using foster fuels for things like this for a long time i do think though that has the potential to replace nearly all large scale energy generation from from fossils feel it's reliable it's clean it it basically does everything fossils you with us today and then a does a whole bunch of things it doesn't to today like makes energy without a meeting carbon so i think it has the potential to be the true replacement for profar so few so if you put all the foreign outta crossed you can also to shut up some thought going people at today standards for thirty that's song enough for me so if at so great worse my far am reactor and i don't want well maybe that well so the longest time i saw they get ideas always got developed in my career which is been mostly spent and technology development i've learned that the opposite has actually true most of the time get ideas language and only threw dedicated and commitment and committed effort are you able to see new technology brought to fruition a problem of the thorny murray after is not that the technology was por it's that at different times along the the course of up its development.

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