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So I was impressed by that. Emma corrin, I know primarily from being Princess Diana in The Crown. She doesn't get a lot to do here. And at least what I saw and I thought she was very good as Diana and The Crown. So I kind of a thankless role. It was fine. Yeah. It's fine. It's fine. It's a BB minus. It's not a total disaster. And Harry Styles performance is not a total disaster unlike some other films that are now available on streaming. That's right. Emma corrin's interesting. She didn't make our list this year, although I wonder if a year from now, for example, she does. She's the star of the forthcoming lady chatterley's lover adaptation. Speaking of sex scenes. That's right. She's maybe she's developing an she's very talented. I did not watch her entire two season. But she's two seasons of The Crown are just one. Just one. Okay. And then the new season with Diana starts on Wednesday. And who's playing Diane in the Elizabeth Becky? Yeah. Maybe I should watch that. Yeah.

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