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We've had a great relationship with Pat Ever since he was in Baltimore with the Orioles, we went out to dinner one night at at a little Italy and Polish off a Shitload, a wine and we've been tight ever since. And I guess what I finished my screenplay, finely all right. Yeah, so so so let's it I know you. You know a lot of important rich people in the movie business. So I'm I'm hoping that you're going to be over to help me out with this thing. You know. I'd like to read it I. I'd like to make sure it's not like threat level midnight here I'd. The make sure it's not a Michael Smart, special. I WANNA make sure it's professionally done, and then I'll help you out I. CAN'T I? Don't know anybody that can help you out. I'd love. I I'll. I'll get copy I forget it registered I with the writers. Field of America to make sure nobody steals it, and then I'll get a copy and is that what is that what you do to protect it is that? Yeah Yeah Yeah. How did you even know that? I mean I know that for years. I mean look I wrote a couple of short stories, thirty or forty years ago, that wound up getting bought to be made into movies. For very small price and they never got made. But so I knew that from back then. I just have that now interesting. good luck with the move. I'll talk to you on Thursday. All right bought healthy. We're done for the day I'll be back tomorrow..

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