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Oh, for two. From behind the art. Your best players at Freeman is on the bench with three fouls. So Xavier's facing an uphill battle Esso their players, their bench players that reserves or have to come in Put the ball in the basket. Kiki Tandy has made an impact off the bench for Xavier. He's gonna be at the free throw line to try toe finished a three point play. If he does that, I'll give him five points in the ball game pin. Brian Griffin have been most effective offensive. Xavier play for a fruit pres A B right now. Kiki Tandy, several dribbles spins, It shoots it and Mrs So it'll stay at two point play Xavier trailing by 10 22 10, 11 31 to go The ball crosses the timeline. Round ones with it drives down. What towards the left block kicks it back outside top of the key. Wants with it again. What's the three left on the shot clock working behind the screen? Is it up a little simple. Back out top of the key. A drive in a running hook shot is no good rebound taken by the Musketeers. Paul Scruggs under the free throw line. Saw the defensive segment for Xavier there. All strokes working behind a screen from Carver gives it up to kick you. Tandy drives pulls back for 15 Footer. It's off the iron, No good rebound taken inside by member Toledo Across the timeline Hill running the point guard. Now for Toledo, Even the ball on a string left hand. Write him back to his left hand penetrates gives it to Rollins down along the sideline. Little sin with it takes it from the left wing top of the key. Hands it off to Millburn middle lowers the dribble drives across the lane. Running hook shot is good for two As he banked in off the glass drove in from the left wing down to the right block turned his shoulder, banked it off. 26 to go Xavier trailing by 12 22 to 10 hold him at the free throw line penetrates feeds inside pretty auntie Miles, and he throws in a big left hand hook shot from 14 ft away. Nothing but not on that for the big man's even trails by 10. The offense from Deante, Miles Joe is gravy, and that was a sweet looking left hand hook there wide open Milner Bluffs of three left side takes it back into the lane throws up a jump hook that looks like was partially blocked. Picked up inside by Toledo. Shots blocked shot, No good rebound taken by Carter the blocks up by the anti miles so Fell deante making his presence felt here, favor trailing by 10 22 to 12 across the timeline. A drive by owner pulls up for a 10 footer rights baseline. He hits it. Hold mid range jumper along the right baseline. Xavier trails 22 to 14 Toledo 9 35 to play in the first half. Alone. The dribble brings it across the timeline entry pass to Romans. Watching the cutters wheel around in front of him, puts him his left hand dribbles down the language to the rim, lays it up and in for two Is one from the right side, right down through the heart of the lane to the glass for an easy layup, savior trails by 10 taking Tandi drives and he is the bond of the criminal layup attempt rebounded Toledo quickly across the timeline, Hill takes it to the right side of from his Angels bench. It was a dribble switches that was left hand back to his right tosses. The little sent a cross court pass to Miller left side of the floor, driving the left base line turned back by Paul Scruggs. Wilson within blocks of three now inside for two point attempt just inside the three point line in and out, no good rebound taken by the Musketeers. Oh, don't bring it across the timeline modem Paul scrub brush the three and falls to the ground, and he's fouled by little sin is the reason he fell to the ground. A little simple pick up a foul that will be the third found a ballgame on Toledo Xavier. They only been called for four fouls, but unfortunately, three of those fouls belong. Zac Free Mail just played about three minutes in the ball game went up was a technical foul. Xavier down by 10 still looking for that first three pointer that help him Garner Cem Cem, Mo Mentum Here a 47 to play in the first half. Kiki Tandy, with the ball to center Jump circle takes the left point back to Carter on the right point. We'll give it to Paul Scruggs along the right sideline loves the three throws into the post it harder or bank shot rolling around the rim, and it falls through that went 3 60 around the iron. My whole left side of the moment of indecision, then fell through for two Xavier trails by 8 24 16 Good offense there, Joe A 21 to go mismatch inside. Carter took advantage, got a foul on the perimeter. Be on miles out heading to screen. Trying to help out of the defense of Rollins has been aggressive. Driving to the hoop will be the 15 foul this half from playing. Officials have called that little touch fouls all the time. I'm running into the big every time. Throw my head back because the officials call it every time There's contact does not mean there's a foul. I don't blame you, but I don't like it. I don't know. I don't like it either. Go drive with one week calling by Jackson hits the backboard, not the rim and miles intimidates yet another shot comes down with the rebound drive to the baseline. Paul Scrub back out top of the key to keep keep Tandy He pulls up for a long, three straight away dreams and pick you. Tandy often dribble pulls The Musketeers within five. 24 Toledo, 19 at you, 7 43 to go..

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