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Afternoon Chris Moore with you Tommy look our is taking care of the program for say seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six is the phone number taking your calls till six o'clock JJ in the light will come on that as a man the son gets up early now before five o'clock the sun gets up I mean what are you doing sleep and it's the weekend hello the sun getting up this morning three five A. M. that's not right I mean you know that I understand is a pandemic but get a little shy we'll take your calls to the day lead in of Newsday next hour we keep an eye on the golf Jordan Spieth's shot back of Harold Varner the third and that will continue throughout the afternoon live from the colonial which is nice to see some live sports action right now back to the phone calls Eric is on Long Island and next up on the fan higher Hey buddy how are you listen I it's a beautiful day out and I try you out early but I stop myself glued to in nineteen fifty two Yankees Dodgers game and hit the cool thing about it was I was an early morning at I knew every name of every player and it was amazing back then now when you were injured so I've been enjoying playing yogi Berra broken index finger and he not only had to hit a home run I know I'm I'm I'm in the health field so I know a broker for you when I see one plus I play baseball that I that broken thing is what happens is you can't bend it so he was he is a member of you'll see only the plate what is what is what is index finger pointing out why holding the bag with a white tape around it one day one time it was really really cool now I'm in the health field and a long time ago I I myself was my only brother to a virus called a lentivirus okay what that is later only only and even the identity meals would know that means but anyway you can throw around the word pandemic and I just roll from also to the south shore and I saw people I don't know how to beat on the bicycles I see people on the boat and what I don't see is ambulances helicopters fire trucks and as of last week this call more governors said we have the lowest death rate of this virus in the country now that being said I don't know what I don't see or feel a pandemic in the hospital I work in a lot of weird things going on which why markets a work where I work hello which salon regarding what someone who phoned out of whack okay but now I I A. B. everyone even the cool aid I got that but here's the thing here's one thing happen those B. and B. in this course you'll you need to know this right now okay you need to know the number of professional athletes who have been hospitalized or died from this disease how many guys what are you talking about a single professional athlete dead died from this virus I don't know anybody that does this virus professional athlete or not okay how can if you if a real pandemic you will someone by now it's been three months well what so what what you want what what's your point they should just go back and there is a one it's getting over blown in this okay it can't be a pandemic okay so what you want to call it what you want to do what what's your solution I mean it's it's an old blowholes what it is okay so just go on with your life normally no masks no nothing go back to stadiums Philmont go back to restaurants filling up it's all good is that what you're saying absolutely okay well there you go I appreciate the phone call and that's what makes the world go round and that's why in large part sports talk among other talk radio and other places where you can argue and now sports talk on television which over the last six eight years has become almost as popular sports talk on radio that's why it survives because for every guy like that who thinks there's nothing going on and we made the whole thing up and a hundred thousand people isn't really very many and that's his point is point is look there's still a lot of things kill a hundred thousand people so you know we're just making this up and so is the rest of the world everybody's panicked about nothing and that's his opinion he's entitled to it but it isn't going to fly with a lot of people and I don't think I don't think really there's anything that anybody really knows I mean look at the university of Houston which had voluntary workouts and then had to stop them because they tested everybody coming in right the test everybody coming in everybody was fine that the voluntary workouts for couple weeks and six people tested positive and they had to stop them completely so you can't you can't tell me that people know everyone has a good spirit the amazing thing about the world these days and I'm not saying that they aren't true I'm just saying that it's it's automatic now automatic that there is a conspiracy theory behind everything you know their conspiracy theory that nobody died at sandy hook conspiracy theory that you know we all know about the World Trade Center ones and all that it doesn't matter what the issue is somebody is getting something out of.

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