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Police find body believed to be missing. Van trekker gabby petito by the associated press moose wyoming authorities say a body discovered. Sunday in wyoming is believed to be gabrielle. Gabby petito who disappeared while on a cross country track with a boyfriend who has been identified by authorities as a person of interest and is now being sought within a florida. Nature preserve the f. b. said the body was found by law enforcement agents who had spent the past two days searching campgrounds. The cause of death has not yet been determined said f. b. i. supervisory special agent charles jones full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm one hundred percent that we found gabby but her family has been notified. Jones said this is an incredibly difficult time for potatoes. Family and friends an attorney who has been acting as a spokesman for potatoes family asked in a statement that the family be given room to grieve attorney richard benson stafford indicated that the family would make a public statement at a later date and he thanked officials with the fbi. Grand tetons search and rescue and other agencies that participated in the search for petito. The family and i will be forever. Grateful stafford said in a statement. An undeveloped camping area on the east side of grand tetons bordering national forest land will remain closed until further. Notice while the investigation continues. Jones said jones said investigators are still seeking information from anyone who may have seen petito or brian laundry around the campsites. The same area that was the subject of law enforcement search efforts over the weekend but tito and her boyfriend laundry left in july on a cross country track and converted van to visit national parks in the us. West police said laundry was alone when he drove the van back to his parents. Home and north port florida on september first laundry has been identified as a person of interest and the case. He was last seen tuesday by family members in florida. More than fifty law enforcement officers on sunday started a second day of searching for laundry at the more than twenty four thousand acre carlton reserve in sarasota county. Florida a wildlife area with more than one hundred miles of trails as well as campgrounds but he does. Family filed a missing persons report. September eleventh with police in suffolk county new york but tito's family has been pleading for the laundry family to tell them where their son last saw her. Petito and laundry were childhood sweethearts. Who met while growing up on long island new york. His parents later moved to northport about thirty five miles. South of sarasota the couple's trek in the ford transit van began in july from long island. They intended to reach oregon by the end of october. According to their social media accounts but petito vanished after her last known contact with family and late. August from grand teton national park in wyoming authority said police video released by the moab police department in utah showed that an officer pulled the van over on august twelfth after it was seen speeding and hitting a curb near the entrance to arches national park. The body cam video showed an emotional petito who sat inside a police. Cruiser while officers also questioned laundry moab police ultimately decided not to file any charges and instead separated the couple for the night with laundry checking into a motel and petito remaining with the converted sleeper fan. Meet lucy belo owner fancy flowers business was slow until lucy received an email wedding date february fourteenth flowers only red roses valentine's day the most expensive day for red roses so she used her american express business card which gives the ability to pay overtime with interest so she could buy those red roses. Now.

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