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Possible thunderstorm this afternoon as well. And a high of 74. 5 Day forecast few minutes away. Our top local story on news radio. Doubly BBM. Chicago police say there was an officer involved shooting on the West Side. Police officers were driving on routine patrol in the 1300 block of West 19th Street just after midnight. And approach the corner there. When a male offender began firing shots. Officers returned the gunfire instruct the offender in the head. He was taken into custody. And to Stroger Hospital initially in critical condition, There's been no further update. Chicago police detectives are continuing to conduct an investigation. Major Lightfoot yesterday outlined some grim numbers when it comes to budget deficits for the city of Chicago for this year and next because of covert 19 and other factors. It's a grimmer forecast and weeks ago in mayor Lifelike predicted Chicago would have a $700 million shortfall for 2020. Now because of rising numbers of covert 19 cases, the gap is 800 million, and the projected shortfall for next year because of the corona virus, and looting and damage to businesses is a historic $1.2 billion. Mayor says there must be sacrifice by all Chicagoans. Could that mean a property tax hike or layoffs? I've been very clear that when it comes to those two things, proper attacks, increased layoffs and furloughs. Those are at the end of my list of tools and options, But they have to be on the table. Given the size of the budget deficit that we're facing off for next year, which is historic and its signs. The mayor promised to listen to all ideas from all parties to help the city recover, including her frequent critics. Craig Della, more news radio 105.9 f ound. It didn't take long for.

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