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Father all right so joining me now first class father. Michael Muller Welcome to first-class Glass. Fatherhood thank you nice to meet you out. I'll let's start right here. How many kids you have? And how old are they. I have three daughters The oldest is fifteen and a half and I know the half is getting drivers Irvine which is and then I have twin girls that are twelve and a half the three daughters what type of boss sports activities that are girls into really really active. They do a volleyball. big-time arena. Either a drought relief so volleyball junior lifeguards during the summer soccer Dri Surfing into gymnastics. So much anymore but in a Now okay wow that's very cool all right if you could just please take a minute here. Hit My listeners with a little bit about your background what you do you know I am A. I'm a professional photographer. Taking photos for thirty five years now started fifty shooting snowboarding rock and roll all with somebody. I started other shit like fifty Muthu away when it was sort of turned my lynch towards fashion celebrities celebrities But I have shot at all last thirty five years. Sports petitions will charkes Hannibal's the UN global advocate. What lot of charity work children's hospitals refugee work with in I started directing maybe seven eight years ago in your arm for years ago to virtual reality about to ooh released It's the blueprint. VR TEN PERC series. That water break. What do you think yeah very cool? Yeah very impressive career Michael. About how old are you when you first became a dad and had to becoming a father kind of change your perspective on life. I arosa about thirty five years old. I had Clara You know we would have to relents a couple years years older than me. It sort of pretty.

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