Americans Now Have Too Much Toilet Paper


Is here is some some sort of good news with the dopey pandemic. it looks like it's finally over the run toilet paper. Sales plunged during the initial weeks last year the pandemic sales doubled for instance in the second week of march and remained very elevated throughout almost all of last year americans spent more than eleven billion dollars on toilet paper last year up from nine billion in a typical year. So here's your next to two billion dollars people spent however this year sales are plunging in fact in march. They were down like thirty percent. Well there's only so much room people have in the house. Yes because i read that people kept buying toilet paper every chance. They could all year. Because this i remember that second surge. I started to see it disappear again every now and then. If i'm in the grocery store and look down the paper. I'll just to see. And i noticed i had that During january maybe was december january and suddenly started disappearing again. I didn't understand most stories. Had limited emotional. It's just

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