Indianapolis Colts Select Azeez Ojulari in Post Free Agency Mock Draft

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Matt dollinger. Senior editor at the ringer and former lowly intern of the two thousand colts with the twenty first. Pick in the twenty twenty one. nfl draft. The indianapolis colts select aziz osha. Laurie out of georgia. I'll be honest. I'm tempted to take jones here. Because i obviously don't trust carson wentz but diseases the best pass rusher in the draft and he might be undersized but so we're dwight frene ian robert mathis. I like that. Wow that was. That was concise all encapsulated. That was how can tell intern with the two thousand nine colts. I love that colton play. They inspect so oziel ours. Your number one pass rusher. Why did you all twenty one here. And he's everyone else really dumb for not listening to you No i so know. I think this this rusher classes bachelor. Classes vary Hard to predict what how the or of the these guys are gonna come off the board. I think with oh jewelry. It's because he's a little undersized as don mentioned he's he's six foot two so that's generally speaking like shorter than you wanna passer should be however he does make up for it with incredible length. His a really wide wingspan long arms Good burst bend. I like skill set. you know. He had some really impressive russia's where he like. You almost looks like von miller where you're like bending around the corner getting really low dipping your shoulder and getting back to the cornerback So i think there's a skill set to work with their but yet speaking of the pastors for classes just basically. There's no one clear elite guy in the class. And whether it's you know a russo or jalen phillips or og. Larry couple of other guys is basically pick your flavor. Whatever type of player. You'd think has chance of succeeding in your scheme. I could see any of these guys be the first pass. Rusher pick

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