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Tuesday morning, everyone. Beautiful out there today. Mostly sunny with a high of seventy six degrees. Tonight, mostly clear, low of fifty five tomorrow, winds picking up a little bit out of the south, and we'll get up to a high of seventy eight with a slight chance for some spotty rain late in the day, actually, dropping temperatures a little bit smarting. Weather's powered by the basement doctor, it's fifty and sunbury and forty nine at your severe weather station. News Radio six. Ten WTVN late Monday. Columbus police released their version of video from an incident last Friday where an officer was seen punching a man ABC six is Brian magic says it originally got attention from bystander video the went viral cellphone video gone viral souls, Columbus police officer, Anthony Johnson striking Jonathan Robinson last Friday. Now, CPA P releasing their own video of what happened. Bystanders Trump did not rate, the bystander video was seen over twenty seven thousand times. Police originally responded Friday to the report of shots fired along high Lavenham the police version of what happened includes footage from three body camps in to cruiser camps and his redacted Robinson. The man who was struck was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with official business. The police videos now available at six ten TV and dot com. A name Smith, put to the body recently recovered from these cya river. The body pulled from this IOT river over the weekend has now been identified as forty year old Damon farmer as body was recovered on Sunday about seven miles downstream from where detectives believe he jumped into this, I owed river from Greenland avenue on may twenty seventh. Allison Wyant, NewsRadio six ten WTVN real killers. Sean, great facing trial for the death of a fifth possible victim. Great pleading not guilty yesterday. Marion county to aggravated murder and other charges. Prosecutors say great killed twenty three year old Dana Lowry in two thousand six. Nearly a decade before he kidnapped and killed two women in Richland County into women in Ashland county. He's on death row for those murderous. President Trump defending the daily struck with Mexico to avert tariffs talking with reporters at the White House yesterday, Trump suggested he could still impose tariffs on America's.

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