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Guess by the way Max Halloween minus four hundred Frankie Edgar Plus Three twenty that don't seem right now doesn't I don't mind Holloway being the favorite but wow up to minus four hundred Frankie Edgar coming back plus three twenty. That seems Woah bit high to me anyway <hes> see here. I'm a big Fan of Jeff. Neil I love watching him fight and then the other key fight that no one's talking about his devastating figura Figueredo versus Alexander Pinto remember the Flying Division has a pulse and these two are chasing Joseph. What Joseph Ben Evita's has he's got the the key to the castle where Henry so who lives and then everybody else else even our guest yesterday match Nell and the winner of this fight now as U._C. starts to build back there flyweight stable? They got to figure out who's going to be you know next or whatever but it's not it's not a very deep division. So now's the tate. Now's the time to make your move. If if you're a flyweight all right the parleys how have you been doing does not too bad well. Actually the last card was probably the worst. Weren't you yeah yeah but before that I was doing pretty good. Do you have any yet or you saving for tomorrow. <hes> I'm probably saving them for tomorrow but I do remember looking at the card and going it's going to be a little tough uh-huh all right but I do Frankie Yeah I do too <hes> all right. Well listen back to embedded. The fourth one just dropped you can catch them all on the front page of M._M._a.. Junkie basically if you watch one to allegiance to the other one and I know we talked a little bit about Whitaker Anata Sonya but I wanNA talk a little bit more about it. They're headed to a stadium in Melbourne Australia so we'll give you all the fun facts about that fight right when where who else is on the card when we come back its enemy junkie radio on fire Nation Channel One fifty six you can now to you into all of your favorite shows on devices equipped with Amazon Alexa. Just say Alexa listen to Sirius X._M.. Fight Nation Okay.

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