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Blue bonnets have already started popping up along Texas highways in in the hill country Andrea along with the lady bird Johnson wildflower center says they have made an early appearance here we've had the second warmest winter on record and that's pushing everything a little bit early this year she says the length of the season is still determined by the whether if we get a warm and dry spring it could cut blue bonnet season short well Texas company could win the race to develop a vaccine for the corona virus will have more coming up W. away I news time by twenty one now traffic and weather together good morning and happy Wednesday we've got some good news no accidents to report just construction that only has a Breitling open up thirty seven south bend approaching military drive traffic is flowing and not much of a delay just yet now we do have traffic flowing really only for ten east seventeen star crest in thirty five I mean is Garcia for news video twelve hundred W. away I and your weather channel forecast for this Thursday sunshine with a high of sixty tonight's low thirty five right now clear conditions forty three degrees welcome to this Friday eve Thursday Feb you worry thirteenth San Antonio's first music Charlie Parker I am sure the maturity along with W. away I program director Brian again Mr T. will be back next Tuesday Meghan bishop will join us tomorrow Dave Ayler making the show go Charlie Parker will join us in the six o'clock hour well president trump had a lot to say at the White House yesterday while talking with reporters in fact he's thinking the justice department for intervening in the Roger stone Casey said as long time ally has.

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