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Retirement so perk Morrison here Philadelphia for rich on this NCWA tournament lers day. Couple of games already underway. Got three games on going on right now. And I'm saying Minnesota Louisville. If you picked Minnesota. I'm going to raise my hand. And said, I did you feel pretty good about your pick as these games or just rolling around. And always an exciting day because we have so many games still left sixteen games today. We know sixteen games tomorrow. And then who gets out of the weekend and heads to the Sweet Sixteen we shall see this upcoming weekend. Jake Olsen on earlier, Richard Justice. We've been talking a little major league baseball a little bit of MBA. And then we gotta talk well before we get to a little bit of the NFL when it gets to that that news as well. And get to Brockman news. I was thinking about this. When I first looked at these the the the sights of the game. So it was a quick little game. I wanted to play with you, Brockman. So there four this four different sites for today's game. Can you tell me where the Wells Fargo arena is? No. Okay, tempe. Arizona. I was there. All right next the word God, I was there. Last week. I went past there. Okay. The vice star Veterans Memorial arena. Definitely not. By star Veterans Memorial arena. No clue Jacksonville Florida. Oh, yeah. Naturally. The vibrant smart home arena. On over a good, Mike. No idea. Salt Lake City the home of the Utah show. Fargo and the last one of the four tournament sites for today. The excel centre and not my shirt size, North Carolina, Hartford, Connecticut. All right. Yeah. I was like because that's one thing. I'm looking at the sheet today, and I'm looking at it with all these game like where they're being played at and it doesn't give it didn't give me like the state the city. It just gave me the venue and someone had always been us. I'm like. No where these places are. So it was a good exercise to the to four. We got to the news. So Brooklyn, what's on the idea. Brockman with federal live report. Rock men with the news. The news today brought to you by the Honda dream garage spring event brought to you by the Honda spring about where you can get a great deal on a Honda your dreams with available sensing and loads of Titek features..

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