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Red sox. He's best season. They have water. It a celebration begins. They Chris sale. Near the dog pile starts third base out of the pitchers now for the fourth time in the last fifteen years, the Red Sox are World Series champions. What was the worst that you get killed with champagne during these during these rounds of posts of the postseason? It was there are a lot of celebration. And a lot of fun times. You try to let the players have their space, which which we do. But I think the end there to me when we won the World Series. It'd been longtime coming for myself and different people. Of course, a lot of people are first celebration. But once I got done on the field doing all the interviews and went into the clubhouse. They had a a cold bath in there in the world pool or there was ice, and they were Dunkin people and so when I walked in there they yelled throw him in throw them in. And I thought well rather than throw them in and get hurt. They may as well just jump in. So then ended up being the time with I don't know how much pain and beer was poured over my head. And they really didn't even care at that point. It was just the joy of the moment, man. So you know, that there's always this perception that after team wins the championship plays deepen doc Tober that there is a hangover factor. I remember. A couple of years ago. Terry Collins, telling me after the Mets were in the World Series that he talked to Jayme Leyland Tony LaRussa, and they told him look no matter what you do. There's something like that. That's going to be there. What's your view on that? And how did that affect some of the planning that you guys did the preparation for two thousand nineteen? Well, you where you have heard it. And of course, observed it with various clubs, and you can understand it. There's the achievement itself that you've been able to accomplish you play longer into the postseason some of the wear and tear on the players. So you can see all those factors. I think what what you try to do. Of course, it's to prevent it. So we have had discussions really from day one about trying to prevent that Alex Cora. Our manager is outstanding and really has a pulse of that along with our coaching staff. I think our players are driven. We really have a driven group of individuals that are not easily satisfied. I of course, very happy from last year. But no you have to turn the page and not keep referring to what was accomplished last year and take things for. Granted and sort of a side project for us. We had Tony LaRussa Hourigan ization hall of Famer has been through this before right after we won the World Series embarked on a special project for us in sort of delve into this topic on different things that we could do and things that we could prevent and try to do. And so he has had conversations with numerous people in sports about the topic. Of course, his exposure to. But also reached out the real good fun to his for example. Bill bell check with the the patriots and really talked to him and searched a far and wide and was interesting about two weeks ago. He called me and said, I've got somebody just reaching out to and I wanna talk to him even reached out the Bob Cousy with the Celtics and got his thoughts on it. So it gives you feel of I I don't know we'll come up with any solution or answers, but we're trying to leave. No stone unturned as far as trying to at least come up with a solution to try to not suffer that we saw Chris sale battle through the postseason. In fastball readings weren't what they were at times during the regular season. What's his status is we get closer to spring training? And what do you where do you expect he'll be at the outset of the season he's full clearance?.

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