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Dollars a month. And you get everything why would you keep your New York Times ascriptin, you wouldn't exactly? And I think that's the issue that apple is gonna face if like convincing actual worthwhile like big names 'cause you can have a bunch of small names. It'd be great 'cause you'll like aggregates a bunch of stuff. But you've gotta have some big names in nets a sell it to people. And I think that they might struggle to get that like in the same way that they struggled to get all the TV deals. They wanted when they unveiled the apple TV, the will the apps on it. Yeah. Yeah. That's definitely a concern. And I and I got y immi be problematic to look at this prediction and say, well would actually make sense even for those big websites. But I still think apple wants to try these. Yes, if it can convince those some publishers to try this. So my prediction is not about whether or not it'll be successful or whether it will contain all of the websites that we will like to see in there. Just the apple will launch the service in two thousand nineteen. I think is a good prediction because I think something they wanna do they spent all that money on that company, regardless of our successfully will be eventually. Yeah. All right. Steven you are up. All right. My first prediction is that the MAC pro will ship by the end of twenty nineteen and I will waffle on sticking with my MAC pro. I'm just being honest with myself this year. What do you mean, you will waffle will have said that the the thing that you eat? Yeah. I've said that the I MAC pro is the machine for me. But I think I will be sorely tempted. By the MAC pro and I will question I'm actually considering making a pick of my own to be the divable by a MAC pro then he will take it back and get an I MAC pro not stick to six months lay. It will get enough of Mike pro that's probably what I think will happen. Oh, yeah. Because always buys one model. Not. So sure about it. And then takes it back. But then like if you lay or ends up like so like when you pull the MAC pro then took it back, then a different size of the, bro. Got rid of that. And used an old MAC book. Pro thank got rid of that. And use the car one time on correct? That's a it's hard to tell keeps your your memory is not present for this. Apple Ebola said it's a twenty nineteen product. I believe them. I this is not say twenty nineteen. Did they say not twenty eighteen? I don't remember. They said on the second time they said twenty nineteen product. Okay. So this is not part of my prediction. But my gut says it will follow the pro schedule announced WC released at the end of the year hundred percent. Yeah. I think I think that's but my pick is it will ships by the end of the year. And I will have a hard time this hunting. What to do? Your prediction is it will ship by the end of nineteen a new will have a hard time choosing or sheep's by the end of the year. Newell, stick with Yarmuk pro that I will have a difficult decision in front of me this the the MAC pro comes out before the twenty eight so awesome. And you're like, no, I'm gonna buy these immediately..

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