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50s on Sunday early showers giving way to some sunshine and Monday is a nice looking day partly cloudy lower 60 You just have to get through tonight and all this rocky weather It is 70 and Sterling right now in 68 and Rockville Michelle It's 7 41 as the Washington commanders continue to be investigated by Congress for accusations of widespread sexual harassment We're now also learning lawmakers are looking at accusations of financial wrongdoing under owner Dan Snyder Liz Clark with The Washington Post who helped break the story explains how this new wrinkle in the investigation came about One thing that was emphasized to me is that the committee is not actually expanding the scope In other words it's not like they started out looking at sexual harassment and then it became a fishing expedition to look for all sorts of things But in the course of looking at the sexual harassment and all the documents they've gotten from the NFL these allegations came to them about financial improprieties To warrant their attention But it's not as if it's entered a whole new theater They're looking at these set of financial allegations and where they lead Liz Clark is with The Washington Post You heard her earlier on WTO The so called people's convoy is reportedly leaving the D.C. area to head west many participants are bound for California to challenge proposed health legislation there The protests here which mainly focused on COVID restrictions began about three weeks ago They consisted of the trucks sitting in traffic on the beltway and later driving through D.C. some of the group's supporters and drivers do plan to stay at their de facto home base in Hagerstown in hopes that more truckers will show up to the speedway And who exactly are these folks You had people that kind of believe that the 2020 election was rigged You have of course Trump supporters You have QAnon supporters But then perhaps you also have some more just some average truckers that roped into this by fellow truckers Zachary patrizio is with The Daily Beast He's been reporting from Hagerstown in recent weeks Here are the full interview with him next hour at 8 ten on WTO And coming up on WTO the NFL's rich get richer the rams make a $50 million deal with Pro Bowl linebacker Bobby Wagner It's 7 43 Here's a highlight from Bill Wright The senior director for North American government affairs at Splunk on the DoD cloud exchange sponsored by Splunk In today's complex world of distributed services and microservice based applications but it's really imperative that organizations cut through the noise of their multi cloud hybrid environments so that they're able to detect and eliminate those incidences quickly Listen to the entire discussion on federal news network search DoD cloud exchange Splunk I recognized later in log management and security orchestration automation and response is helping strengthen our national cybersecurity posture by designing packages for federal agencies that address cyber incident response requirements per executive order OMB M 21 31 agencies must act quickly Splunk understands the cybersecurity challenges agencies are facing and is prepared to enhance federal cyber capabilities to help the federal government meet their mission Splunk We turn data into doing visits plunk dot com slash public sector The severe thunderstorm warnings keep popping up a new one now severe thunderstorm warning until 8 30 tonight for parts of northern Maryland that includes Carol county Hartford county and Baltimore county so in fact not only northern but northeastern Maryland a severe thunderstorm warning now in effect until 8 30 for parts of Carol harford and Baltimore counties stay with your weather alerts station for the latest 7 44 Your happiest spring starts with Lowe's and it all starts with a beautiful green line Keep it looking sharp and save $50 on the cobalt 40 Volt self propelled mower Was three 99.

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