A highlight from Episode #532 - Oh My od! - Joe List


I'm big jail. Skaggs are all here. Of course we got b smith. What's up. I fucking love louis. Having to make an announcement before legion of skaggs. Even though it really isn't much is just like. Put your mask on if you get up from the table. It's so funny to like about to start. Legion of skanks. But let's do it safe first off everybody's got your mask remember. If you're drinking. Just take a cab home. Of course everyone. The puerto rican rattlesnake is here the ls many defending champ. Fresh back from his jamaican vaca- this louis j gomez. Yeah mon bob mcleod's all your block. Did boys i. Personally hit gays. I love jamaican so much that i'm willing to go against gay people publicly. They wanted to put us downstairs for this very thing. What that ships being yelled out into the that we hate gays pull you. Hey

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