Should You Run Multiple Businesses at the Same Time?


Running more than one. Business can definitely be rewarding fun exciting but they do have their drawbacks. Should you be running multiple businesses. I'm gonna share my story and share. What i think works. What doesn't and how to make this decision for yourself. First of all as entrepreneurs our job is to see what works experiment to put things out there in the world and allow the marketplace allow our potential customers to tell us this is something they want or not so. I don't want to confuse businesses with experiments with mvp's with minimal viable products or offerings. I'm talking about businesses. Have traction the have revenue that even have expenses that have emissions to grow. So if you're in a stage right now or maybe you have one business but you're trying something else on the side you're building another project and it's still not something that's real. The actually has a piano. She and is making money. This is just still an experiment. You're still just seeing. This is going to work. And there's nothing wrong with them because it's always good to explore because at the end of the day we're trying to do is improve other people's lives as an entrepreneur. If you know how to improve other people's lives you're gonna never starve right. You're going to be able to sell your product. Sell your service all day all night. It's just finding out what is to that helps people who actually want. So if you're in the experimentation phase this isn't real plot to you because you can run a business and experiment with other things on the side now. The key here. Is that when you experiment. You put things out quickly. You have quick. Mvp's limit yourself on how long it takes. Some people limit themselves to a weekend. Hey i'm gonna try to put together a minimum viable product over the weekend and see if people actually bite

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