Lee Horton Reflects on Coming Home After Years in Prison


And federal prisons. And with this part of covert 19, the pace is accelerating. What's it like to walk free again? After years behind bars? The Horton and his brother Dennis know the feeling. They were accused of robbery and murder and convicted and sentenced to a life in prison without parole. They always maintained their innocence and earlier this year after being locked up for a quarter of a century. They were glad. Granted clemency and released. Here's the Horton. I'm gonna tell you Honestly, the first thing that I was aware of when I walked out of the doors and I sat in the car and the car took off when we were driving. And I realized that I wasn't handcuffed. And for all the time I've been in prison every time I was transported anywhere, always had handcuffs on and always had shackles on And that moment, right? There was the most probably a moat, most emotional moment that I had Even when they told me that the governor has signed the papers. And they said the next tomorrow we will be taking you to a place where you'll be reintegrated. It didn't It didn't set in until I was in that car and Didn't have those handcuffs on and I don't think people understand that. You know the punishment is being imprisoned. You take away everything. Everything becomes beautiful to you. You take everything away from a man everything because we when we

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